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The Black Knight



14.03.2009, 06:23

Artist Wanted

Don't know why I didn't think about it before, but I'm wondering if one of our resident artists would be interested in drawing some pictures for me? Subject matter is not Holy War related, but rather will be for a post-apocalyptic role playing game I'm currently running. I'd looking for pictures of aliens, landscapes, and various environments (laboratories, complexes, etc.). I'll provide the description if anyone is interested.

I should warn that I don't have a tremendous budget for this, but would be happy to provide a ticket per picture, depending on quality.



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14.03.2009, 16:03

Will be happy to discuss this through PM with you, TBK. Either here or through W6 (garth2).

Feel free to browse my gallery, link is posted in this forum, to see what I can do. :)