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Cool Knight


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10.02.2009, 12:47

Harbingers of Death Recruitment

If you have Honor & Courage....and like to fight then join us on our quest to stop

oppression in W7. Tired of being attacked, fight back.

Contact Cool Knight

(DEATH) Harbingers of Death.

must be active and Lv. 12 or higher. (exceptions can be made)


19.02.2009, 04:24

how do I search for your order?



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09.06.2009, 11:18

DEATH has changed it's recruiting

you must now be level 20 or higher to join.

And be willing to support our allies in battle.

Contact GriffKhan
Never Say Die :thumbup:




22.06.2009, 20:36

The Elite Pagan Order

The strongest and best run order in world 7.




28.06.2009, 07:19

At this point any players intrerested in joining DEATH would need to speak with me personally or BottlecapMatt. We request that you be above level 25 but we might make exceptions based on your stats. (campers are welcome also) Remember:

Above Level 25
Willing to help others
Willing and able to fight for allies
Decent stats and basic understanding of the game
Willing to do what it takes to win and still protect the honor and integrity of the Order