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11.10.2008, 12:15

The Holy Tavern Crew [DRUNKARDS] has opened for business in world 6!

Come one, come all! A new tavern has opened near you! Expect free drinks from many, great tavern fights for others and much, much more!

Just some guidelines ...
Recruiting for tavern membership is free for all ... accepting level 5 drunks and higher ... but we do not accept those who buy premium tickets to use for gold. The tavern is a place of fairness ... we give sporting chances to friend and foe ...

The tavern expects highly active drunks ... would be too quiet otherwise ... active accounts are best. Warriors are expected to have premium accounts to improve their drunkenness . Level 10 drunks are expected to have a tipsy horse ... creates a different atmosphere to the tavern . Also stats are expected to be as close to double your own level, but you will be considered ...
Once joined bring a pressie for the tavern to make your new hangout more decorative and fun, or just bring more varieties of booze for the tavern to serve

Providing donations 10 times your level is necessary, but means free membership with the tavern
Those that dont provide are not helping fellow drunkards ... and thats not a good thing when they start sobering up
However it does mean that more fellow drunkards can join the tavern and increase the fun for all

... now back to the drinks

Tavern motto: Calix Meus Inebrians (My Cup Makes Me Drunk!) use this url if you want to become my proper recruit ... then the tavern atmosphere will be grand

For those future recruits please provide your own tavern/drunk related title (that is appropriate) otherwise i will choose one for you and i wont be sober while doing it ...
It's been fun while it lasted