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Tuesday, September 18th 2007, 1:53pm

Battle: The Holy Battle

Select 'Battle' -> 'Holy Battle' to view the Holy Battle (HB) page.

1. Information on the cities where the next battle will take place is displayed on the map.
2. Browse through past battles under 'History'.
3. Examine the overview to see when the next Holy Battle is scheduled.
4. There is a Holy Battle every two weeks (every second Thursday at 20:00 server time).
5. The first battle will be for 'Nicaea', out of historical consideration.
6. The winner decides in which direction the armies move and which city will be attacked next.

Holy-Battle Rules

  1. Only warriors from level 11 on may participate.
  2. All languages participate in the Holy Battles (first English pool is
    worlds 1-10, second pool world 11).
  3. Christians may support only Christians and Saracens only Saracens.
    Pagans are free to support the side they choice.
  4. Enrolment in the Holy Battle starts with its scheduling.
  5. Last declaration of an order war is 14.5 hours before the beginning of
    the Holy Battle. Orders may declare again 10 hours before a HB.
  6. The army camp opens 12 hours before the beginning of the Holy Battle.
  7. End of enrolment for a HB is 30 minutes before its beginning.
  8. After the end of enrolment -> publication of the army numbers to both
  9. The army camp closes 15 min. before the beginning of the HB. If you are
    not in the army camp by then, you will automatically be drawn in 15 min.
    before the HB start time.
  10. In a Holy Battle your get twice as many experience points than in a
    normal fight, but are guaranteed a minimum of 10 EP. Additionally, you
    will get army pay (90% of your lost life points in gold), a fighting
    reward (number of your fights * 100 gold). The heroes of battle also get
    an additional hero bonus (hero's level * 50 gold). Beyond this, every
    combatant in a holy battle receives extra hazard pay and a religious
    bonus. (It should be noted here, that the displayed value of these two
    bonuses is a projection based on the strengths of the two embattled
    forces at the time, and can change up until the time the battle starts,
    should the relation in strength change between the two sides).
  11. Every warrior automatically enters the HB with 100% life energy. However, unless yuo are one of the few survivours, you will emerge from the battle with less than 25 LP. Battle healing does not work for HBs.

Because the Holy Battles cause a high server load, it may take some time to calculate the outcomes.

Question 1. Do I have to participate in a Holy Battle?

No. You may enrol, but you don't have to.

Question 2. Does every fighter fight for themself or do orders fight against each other?

Every warrior fights for themself and for their faith. The Holy Battle has nothing to do with an order battle.

Question 3. Is the title clock going 1 hour too fast?

The title clock displays the time at which the Holy Battle will be finished at the latest. The Holy Battle begins 1 hour before.

Question 4. How can a side lose the battle although they had more victories?

The outcome of a Holy Battle does not depend on the number of victories. It depends on which side is left with the most 'standing' warriors when the battle is over.

Example: If one side is left with 10 fighters and the other with 2, then the 2 warriors might win 8 fights, but would lose anyway, even if the other side only won two fights.

Explanations of the battle report for the Holy Battle

The battle in general

Fighers -> Number of fighters
Fights total -> Number of fights
Fights won -> Number of fights won
Fights draw -> Fights which ended in a draw

Heroes of the battle

Most fights -> Which player had the most fights
Most victories -> Which player had the most victories
Most HP -> Which player gave the most hitpoints
Most EP -> Which player gained the most experience points

If there should be more than one fighter with the same number of (fights / victories / HP / EP), then the fighter with the least EP is the heroe of the battle. If the experience points should also be equal, the decision will be random. Heroes of the battle do not gain any advantages, but gain only in prestige.

Your battle account , "Your Player Name"

Fights total -> The fights you had
Fights won -> How many fights you won
Fights lost -> How many fights you lost
Fights draw -> How many fights you ended in a draw
Hitpoints given -> Hitpoints you gave
Hitpoints taken -> Hitpoints you took
Experience points won -> Experience points you won (twice as many as in a normal fight)
Gold captured in fights won -> The gold you got in the fights you won
Gold captured/lost -> The total amount of gold you captured or lost in all fights
Army pay -> Your reward for participating in the Holy Battle (your level * 50 gold)
Fighting reward in gold -> Your reward for the fights you had (number of your fights * 100 Gold)
Total sum - gold won/lost -> The sum of gold you received in the Holy Battle


W1 EN -> World 1 (English)
W2 DE -> World 2 (DEutsch = German)

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Thursday, April 22nd 2010, 12:39pm

Explanation of the Bonuses

Hazard Pay: This bonus pay goes up the stronger the opposing army is. The payment consists only of a reward in gold.

Religious Bonus: The religious bonus gets higher the more cities the opposing faith has. It is also a gold reward only.
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