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Tuesday, April 15th 2008, 11:48pm

Mercenaries of Might is Recruiting

We have just opended up recruiting for our Order. Here is our Overview read it and see if you are interested in joining up with us. If interested send me a PM in the game and I, Barak, will make the arrangements for you.


We are the Mercenaries of Might and when you are here your like family we help each other as much as we can. We take up for each other when times get hard and we are hard hitting mercs so come join us and help take back our lands that have been trashed by the pagans. We stand side by side on the battlefield with our fellow brothers and sisters. TO ARMS *CHARGE*

We also have a sister order(MM2) run by our fine brother King ian

We battle as one and we will win as one

---------------------------------------------- ------------------
------------------------------------------- ---------------------
WE have our own chatroom, cash cow board, and premium tickets.


We are taking applications from lvl 15 and above.

Upon joining the order you will have (new) beside your rank for 4 days.

==================================== ============================
Welcome to the home of Christian Mercs. We have only a few rules to go by and here is a list of them.

1)v/d must be at least 1.5 or higher.
2)Must donate max gold everyday
3)Do not attack your own order members.
4)Be loyal to the order
5)Must be active if you are inactive you will be booted from order
6)Prefer Premium but do not have to be
7)For good services and gold donation you may get a free premium ticket.(8 given out so far)
if you need a loan please pm OM(master of the order)
9) aid our allies in battle.
10)level up once a week if you can.

In this order we hold contest so our members can win premium tickets.

We also hold contest to win yourself a premium ticket.

Max donation is 10x your level.

The reason donating is so important is so we can expand and have more members and if we go to battle to hire mercs to help us in battle.

We will merc for any faith in any battle. We will not attack Christian orders unless we are attacked by them.

If you are very active player please let OM know. You may be able to receive a free premium ticket

========================================= ========================
Order member ranks are as follows.

8-11 Mercenary
12-15 Mercenary Mage
16-19 Mercenary Knight
20-24 Mercenary Battle mage
25-30 Mercenary of destruction
30-35 Mercenary of Might
36-40 Mercenary of Annihilation
40+ Choose your own name

================================================ ================
Also if you have a star by your name that means you have gained a star(To gain Stars you must donate gold.)

1000-2000 Star of health *
2000-3000 Star of strength **
3000-5000 Star of Battle ***
6000+ Star of Infinite ~X~ (All lvl will receive 1 free ticket when you donate 6000 life time gold)
10000+ Star of Mercing (xxxx)------- reward 2 premium tickets

All lvl 13 and below if you donate 1200 gold *and you dont have premium yet* you will get 1 free ticket. If you have premium, you need 1500 as it is much easier to obtain gold.

When you have donated 6000 gold you will recieve 1 free premium ticket this applies to all(except OM and AC)

Non premium members:
Lvl 15, 1500 gold -onetime ticket

Level 17, 2000 Gold -onetime ticket

Level 20, 3000 Gold -onetime ticket

These rules can only apply once per member, and you have to be non-premium to be eligible. (This shows that they are active and donating max each day)

For members with premium:

Level 13, 1700 Gold -one ticket *
Level 15, 2500 Gold -one ticket *
Level 17, 3200 Gold -one ticket *

*Members only eligible to receive one of these rewards*

========================================== ======================
We will be updating our group deals in 2 weeks

For now you can pm Jdub, Warlock84, 0r king ian for merc deals

All of our members level 15+ are on freelance right now if you would like to merc one of them please pm them and set up


------------------------------------- ---------------------------

We will merc 5 members all level 15+ for 1000 gold 200 a piece

We will merc 10 members all level 15+ for 2000 gold which is 200 gold per merc.

We will merc 20 members all level 15+ for 4000 gold 200 gold a piece.

----------------------------------------- ------------------------

We will merc 5 members all level 15+ for 2000 gold which is 400 a piece

We will merc 10 members all level 15+ for 4000 gold which is 400 a piece

------------------------------------------- -----------------------

AC----------500 gold(best time to reach me is 18:00 server time)
OM----------1000 gold.(from 13:00 to 24:00 sever time)

Also for order master and army commander is 1000 gold.

When you merc one of us please pm order master.
Your order will be added to the list and you will get a discount

---------------------------------------------- -------------------------
------------------------------------------------ -----------------------

We are not taking on any new alliances at the moment, we are in the process of checking each order for there loyalty if a alliance order does not aid us in battle they will be removed from our allaince.

If you would like an allaince with us please pm Havanamild or Bront and we will take a vote whether to take up alliance with your order.

--------------------------------------------- ---------------------

Holy Stone

Knights of the Apocalypse

no volunteers

The Templar Reborn

Saracen Kingdom

Holy Knights Kingdom

British Bulldogs

Knighs of Glory

The Templar Reborn

Band of Hawks

The Vatican


Wednesday, April 16th 2008, 4:13pm

A message from our Order Master

Mercenary of Might is now recruiting strong warriors to fulfill God's work and rid the Holy City Jerusalem of its Saracen threat. My Brothers and Sisters, this can only happen if we all work together as one. God is calling on you now, to join us. Listen to him. Go to your order tab and type either MM or MM2 (our sister order) and put your application in with us. God will provide opportunities for you to obtain riches through the benefits of our order.

Some of the benefits are as follows:
The opportunity to fight shoulder to shoulder with our members and our allies to advance Christianity and extinguish Paganism and our Saracen foes

Merc jobs, the order will obtain jobs for you, so you do not have to do any footwork unless you want to

The sharing of information of weaker targets or high yield targets

For good service to the order and being an active member you may receive a free premium ticket

Come join us on our adventure to become God's most powerful Christian order.

Thank you and may God blessings be upon you always.

Order Master