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26.04.2017, 9:48


Wow ,unexpected ! 8o

Few suggestions :
*Merge all old worlds together and all international worlds
*In old merged worlds create a sitting tool so peeps don't need to create mutliple "sitting" acc's which can also be misused to create blocking orders etc
*remove xp cap
*remove 2hrs logg safe ,when you logg you do a sf or lose your gold :thumbsup:
*make it possible to battle every 30 minutes ( so order AND city battles can be done )
*increase search possibilities for non-premium players ,increase their waiting time between 2 fights 15 minutes is ridiculous ,why would they stay ! :?: :?: :?:
( a non premium could become a premium one day)
*make the game cheaper
take a look at the forum ,a real good look ,for the last years a lot of players gave excellent ideas for a better game

For now ( I might come back with other ideas ! )
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26.04.2017, 10:08

Please remove the ability to stalk players by not making the time of their last fight public. If I am called away from my computer and I miss a safety fight, I don't mind being randomly attacked after one hour, that's an acceptable risk. But there is an obsessive player who watches my activity and attacks me almost every time I have 1 hour and 5 seconds between fights.

Now I lead a busy life, so I occasionally miss a safety fight. If that happens I accept that I am fair game for random players who attack me. But to have a person watching me and monitoring my fights so he can attack me the second I go past an hour between fights is just creepy, as well as being annoying.
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26.04.2017, 12:05

Discussions about Holy-War 3.0

1) change the fightscripts one-on-one (less luckfactor)
2) change the fightscripts battle (no max xp/ winning losingscript)
3) more workpay
4) make an app for mobiles
5) less time to plunder (5 instead of 10)
6) less waiting time between attacks (7 instead of 15) for non prem.
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26.04.2017, 13:37

Biggest complaints I have received as a moderator are the 0/0 plunders, the lowering of xp, the random factor (loosing to someone with much lower stats) and the work pay being decreased. I've had quite a few people, including myself, that like the older original script better and would like to see a retro world but I do like being able to leave work and I like that non premium can talk in the sb. I think all members of an order should be pulled into an order battle like before and that you should not have to hit the *participate* button to join your own order battle. I feel this is because of city battles because of having to pick and chose which battles you are in so it's not a huge issue with me though I've never been a fan of city battles but I'm sure many like them. I always preferred order battles instead. Made it much more interesting. And I much prefer Holy Battles on Sunday like they use to working folks can't always be around to rework during the week and it has caused me to stop doing Holy Battles.
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26.04.2017, 13:38

7) possibility to upgrade horse with armour (like character) or buying a carriage.
8) possibility to safe gold in own house (like in castle of order)
9) times of HB (21.00 much too late)
Make no mistake between my personality and my attitude.
My personality is who i am and my attitude depends on who you are.


26.04.2017, 13:42

Also I think it's important to have archers this go around too. Always missed that in this game because swords were not the only weapons. Archers were very important.
As WC Fields once said, "It was a woman drove me to drink, and I never stopped to thank her.^^
Mod 575


26.04.2017, 15:22

Holy War 3.0

Remove/alter the following:

-City Battles or cap city limit (so 1 order doesnt have 40 cities or just a few have all)
- Large gold for tickets [1k original is fine]
-2 hour safety from battles and log in [revert to 1 hour battle safety and no log in safety]
-Residence healing [I would suggest the flat amount of 50 lp per level, up to 1k per hour. This will make prebattle hits more enjoyable and worth it again]
-Alter the script a little to not allow a top level player to cause little damage to a lower level player. I believe it was 50% of the max life that a player could take in a single fight, again making prebattle hits worth doing
-Remove battle fatigue
-Remove or alter highscore list. most are unattainable, worthless or easily cheated
Remove 0/0 plunders
-Remove XP cap in battles
-Remove team arena. I dont think anyone uses it anymore
-Remove market sale restriction for non premium (ie allow more sales than just 10 units)

Simply put, at least 1 retro world NEEDS to be implemented. A lot of players left when ticket for gold redemption went from 1k per ticket to the astronomical amount. While I realize that its a business, the customers are asking for that 1 world, which isnt unreasonable, nor is it impossible to code.


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26.04.2017, 16:17

Holy-War 3.0 suggestions

I recently posted several ideas that would add value to the game, but seeing as the administration wanted formal suggestions here is the place to do just that.


26.04.2017, 16:35

Holy War 3.0

Why the post was removed is beyond me :thumbdown:

For years, players have wanted a world that is more like the original Holy War that had thousands of active players fighting in the Holy Battle and hundreds in Order Battles. Things went downhill very quick when ticket redemption skyrocketed, literally wiping out hard working players progress overnight.

I truly believe if a world was opened as a retro world of sorts, players would love to be in it. I would suggest some of the things in v2 still be in but mostly revert to v1.

I believe the main features that should be discarded are the following:

City Battles
Large gold for tickets [1k original is fine]
2 hour safety from battles and log in [revert to 1 hour battle safety and no log in safety]
Residence healing [I would suggest the flat amount of 50 lp per level, up to 1k per hour. This will make prebattle hits more enjoyable and worth it again]
Alter the script a little to not allow a top level player to cause little damage to a lower level player. I believe it was 50% of the max life that a player could take in a single fight, again making prebattle hits worth doing
Remove battle fatigue
Remove or alter highscore list. most are unattainable, worthless or easily cheated
Remove 0/0 plunders/protects
Remove XP cap, or make it 100
Remove team arena. I dont think anyone uses it anymore

I know there are other things that worked well back then, I am sure people can suggest other features we dont need or would make a pleasant experience. I humbly ask that a single world be created as the experiment and bring the game back to its original roots where people really liked it. I believe more people would stay active and premium if their hard work kept them at the top. Tixxing really did cause the spiral down to the lack of players staying. If this is something you would seriously consider, this would have to be advertised in every possible avenue. Send mass mails in game, promote on facebook, everything.

I humbly ask that this scenario and world be seriously considered as an international world.

Master Merlin


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26.04.2017, 17:28

Holy War 3.0

Well theold merger made me scream as ranked number one in 1EN to wake to find me out of the top 100 lol .... but I slowly climbed back :) I have yet to see the ideas or intention of a new Holywar 3 but language restricts one world and one sound box surely ? The 'game' saw so many leave when players began to tixx. My guess 95% will never tixx and if new changes help tixxers even more I can see 95% walking.
The ethos of non prem players has always been good and their 15min wait after a safety should be 5mins like prem players, the non prem just get 6 plunders and heck keep 10min plunders for non prems BUT for prem players the 10min plunders is a killer and i hate it for nearly 10yrs ! Reduce the plunders to 5mins .... some of us have a real life lol
Many years ago i suggested the Black Knight ... a fictional player that will give at least 1xp to the player ranked number one across worlds .... Morphen held that position for years yet never saw a single point of xp.
The players home reaches level 20 and can't be expanded, likewise the order castle. Expansion could be made. The pencil moat was always funny and how magical if we could plant trees around out castle in a dessert lol. I know its medieval times but the romans invented war machines .... aside mercing swords how about using gold to buy war machines like canons when defending or attacking. Seems simply but why we must all wear a sword or age when some would like to use a bow & arrow ! Heck in market let people buy dresses for ladies and a robe for me. Heck within or beside our castle let us build a church, Mosque or a Tree to dance around !
Want more battles throw a carrot. Every player in a battle get one extra plunder or a dice to multiply the xp they got in that battle. My guess more people will take part in battles.
Order attacked twice on xmas day and always thought battles on xmas day should be banned.
Likewise orders hit again 36hrs after a battle should be a week as repeat hits is bullying. Heck i have seen many players peeved when another player visits every 12hrs often for xp, sometimes gold but also just evil lol .... when hit a player 24hrs before re-visit seems a longer relief.
The multi accounts across worlds i have never liked not least because most players only have one account (by time, money etc) so yes allow multi account player play a one from each world but when they through two into a battle both accounts stats reduce 5%, a third account by same player another 5% reduction in all stats. Simply said some pain in the numbers.
Hands up the market is boring and getting very hard when change horse or the weapon ..... can take many hours but solved if we have a button to press to have elixir taken the cost in seconds. My guess 100% of players hate the time needed to update inventory .... on top of the plundering time. :cursing: Heck take elixir at lowest selling price but not the half price with blacksmith. Whoever wrote the programme we are talking millions to buty swords now and getting hard as players have been here 10yrs.
Finally irrespective of real life my level and being medieval time allow me to marry Mod 575 by force with all players invited to the wedding and the most funny day they have ever seen in HolyWar 8o


26.04.2017, 17:42

Discussions about Holy War 3.0

Please post ideas here about Holy War 3.0
As WC Fields once said, "It was a woman drove me to drink, and I never stopped to thank her.^^
Mod 575

Master Merlin


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26.04.2017, 17:49

:D Thank u very much


26.04.2017, 19:19

I like most of how the game play itself goes. The 5 minute wait between attacks is ok. I like the 8 hour work heal, and the residence healing ( could be increased a little tho). Like the non premium shoutbox access. The city battles are good too, in my opinion (more xp ops)
Not too fond of the 2 hour login safety thing, the 0/0 plunder thing is a little frustrating (but I understand that each plunder or protect is a gamble thing) don't care much for the random factor that causes a loss to a lower level, lower stat player (really makes no sense to me) lol
Would be nice to be able to join order and city battles occuring within half hour of each other.
Less gold redeemed for tickets as well. Hard for a non tixxing player to keep up on skill alone with just premium and battle heal. Kinda makes the high score board, hero awards, and accomplishments a joke, based on money and not skill.
Increase haul percentage when gold hunting, and max plunder or protect xp amounts.
Holy battle returned to Sundays would be nice for the working class.
Eliminate the limit of allies allowed to join a city battle.
Add a total hours worked and gold earned from working on work page (would be interesting to me to see how many hours I've worked and the gold earned)
Cannons or archers on castles would be cool to do pre strikes or additional damage to others camps during a battle.
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26.04.2017, 20:36

I have no idea what GAS is planning, but I suggest to bring back the idea to reduce the robbery and protection time previously suggested by COokie to 5 minutes, leaving more players and less to leave. In addition, I would like to double the extra plundering time during the ticket operations, increasing the choice and increasing the importance of tickets. Also is it less frustrating for a lot of player to delete the 0 xp 0 gold factor. Sometimes players see this 3 or 4 times after each other.
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26.04.2017, 21:07

I would love to see plunder able weapons and armour. Keep the 0-0 plunders, but put in a chance at finding gear with that.
Maintain a max amount of cities an order can hold based on their castle size
Reduction of ticket gold will not stop people from tixxing, they will just spend more. Make it possible to buy gear with tixx instead?
HB should be once a week
Have a third section in your diplomacy tab for "mercs"
In order/city battles have a "mail all" button to send your camp list easily.
Unique weps are only held by the ultra strong. Make them more attainable.
Pre hits for order battles used to make the game! Bring back the low house healing, but keep camp healing the same.
Get rid of the xp cap. (Repurpose the gear if you need to. I don't care if my lvl 200 we looks the same as my lvl 2 as long as the stats are different)
Have an in game tab for equipment that has ALL the gear available .
Get rid of all the worthless tabs that nobody uses
Have a HW app that can generate reminders, etc on your phone.

Kevin the Mad


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26.04.2017, 21:32

Holy War 3.0

I would definitely come back AND stay for a "retro" world, one where the gold for tixs is a flat 1k. This tixxing while part of the game caused many to leave... where is the hard work or skill....... so if they can do that I'll be back for sure... There are other good ideas here. I really hope GAS listens this time and doesn't ignore us as usual.....

PS.. Make the tavern have more games of chance....



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27.04.2017, 0:04

It would also be great if we could get some credit for the money we invested in an old horse when we trade it in for a new one. Most higher level players have had the same horse for many years because it costs about a full years worth of gold to bring a new horse up to the level of the old one.

That is a huge disincentive, so no mid to high level player that I am aware of has replaced their horse for several years. Personally I would replace my horse if I could get some credit for the money I have invested in it when I get a new one.

Thanks for considering our thoughts. I've played this game for nearly 10 years and I'm excited that the game is still being worked on. :)
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27.04.2017, 1:52

My ideas:

1) City battles stay. Order battles are boring

2) Use of archers. Lower lvls have no HP safety but they fight as archers long range. Say the highest lvl in camp = 100? Archers are the lvl 40s!

3) Possibility of gearing up your horse as well as pg. There were battle horses back then pony's with no armor on didn't go to war!

4) Tactics. Different battle formations-roman testugo etc. Use of infantry, knights, archers. OM and AC decide who's who. That's what happened for real. Knights = same mechanism as knight tournament in arena infantry = same mechanism as gladiator tournament in arena. OMs and ACs pick who's infantry, who's knight, who's archer.

5) Raids and pvp parties like in Wow with players of any faith icon. You kill the end boss you get gold, XP, equipment lower than yourself so you can sell it for cash. Etc

6) Loan mechanism. You go to a bank get a loan. Max = horse of lvl +20 from your level, you repay the bank with pots. Like a mortgage. There were banks in middle ages...if you don't you get a malus point just like with some weapons. Until you don't repay in full. No tixxes can be used for banks.

7) Easier to sell pots. If no one buys pots at minimum, bank buys them. Its too hard nowadays to sell pots on market. Takes ages. I remember that poor guy of amon/otomo took 36hours to sell 10 horses! For crying out loud! :D

8 ) MErge all worlds in one uber world (I'm talking about the other worlds that were merged before IN worlds appeared). And all IN worlds in one uber world. Its more difficult at first but look at VX and how fast he lvled just by hitting people higher up. I would start attacking! :D Don't do much now just camp my pg work, go to city battles extra protect. Couple of cows here and there. And the occasional attack on UG.

9) More user friendly for messages. Diplomacy is no good to few people in. I'm thinking about outlook. You text message anyone of your friends. Diplomacy is 99% for cows or for enemies to attack every 12 hrs.

10) App for mobile.

11) Mercenary ranking based not just on how many battles as mercenary but also how good he is in battle compared to other mercs.

12 Hall of fame is bull$hit. The only hall of fame is in battle not 1v1. And a hall of fame from lvls 1-20; 21-40; 41-60; 61-80; 81-100 etc. Of course higher lvls are in the hall of fame but I also want to know the strong peeps lower lvls if I'm an AC or OM! Plus its fairer to them.

Brainstorming. :thumbsup: :thumbup: 8o



27.04.2017, 2:06

Ah of course get rid of the log on safety. You aren't on? happens to everyone. That's the biggest mistake GAS did along with allowing tixxing for protection and lvling up! Business wise short term smart. But ultimately not in the long run. No one works for those XP. Just tixx like madmen. :rolleyes: ^^
Get rid of all the gazillion inactive accounts in that cesspool of abandoned lower levels with no premiums. It might look cool to have 5000 pgs in a world for marketing purposes but not if only 200/250 are the really active ones. A complete waste. :pinch:


27.04.2017, 3:19

it's nice that gas is working on an update an that there are so many posts about it :)

i read the posts above and my thoughts are the following.....

1) It would be nice if the tixing could be dialed back to something like 1k per ticket....or to some amount that makes the tixing less of a factor anyway.

2) I totally agree with lady vos the holy battles should be on the's like the highlight of the game it doesn't make sense to me that it happens when many of us are at work.....i also agree with underground it would be nice to have them once a week.

3) i agree with everyone who wants to get rid of the log in safety if someone wants to be safe they should do a safety every hour like in the original version....the log in safety punishes the most active players makes it harder for them to haul gold....

4) kevin mentioned wanting more opportunities to bet....i think it would be cool if people could bet on which order will win a city/order battle.....

5) it would be nice if there was like an option button to add someone to your friend/enemy list with one click when viewing their profile....rather than having to type their name in a bit of a pain to have to do that.....

6) i disagree with those who want to scale back the residence heal and/or get rid of the 8 hour work heal having more options to gain/maintain health allows for more hitting/more playing......

i'm sure i have more ideas but thats all i can think of right now :D


27.04.2017, 4:34

i will also add that i like the random reflects reallife the best team doesn't always win and unlikely things happen....the game would be pretty boring if i knew if i'd win or lose based on the stats....

the 0 plunders are a bummer though seems wrong to waste 10 minutes and get nothing at all..... would be nice if the lowest plunder was made to be 300 gold and 1 or 0 xp or something along those lines.....


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27.04.2017, 5:38

I would also like to see 5 min plunder time for Premium, 10 minute for non-premium.
Remove the selection of how long you want to plunder, unless I can choose a 60 minute plunder and potentially get 60 xp.
The later you get in the game, the longer it takes to sell gear. Make it easier somehow to sell higher lvl gear.
List out what the city perk is for a city battle in place of one of the worthless tabs that do nothing. Similar to a tab that lists out all of the gear.
Tickets need to be transferable through PayPal. All tixx should be transferable. Not just some dated way like Paysafe, which is nearly impossible to find for some.
Account sales should be able to be discussed IN GAME and in the SB. I understand blasting it out every minute should not be tolerated, but unless a big change is coming, nobody really looks at the forum. You should be able to mention it in the SB without being harassed by 575 ;)
There are some languages in the INT worlds that I cannot type on my keyboard. Make it easier to declare battles, city battles, on people by being able to add them directly to your diplomacy list.


27.04.2017, 6:47

Well firstly, bug fixes.
And then these would be some very satisfying quality-of-life improvements.

1. 5min plunder time, no more 0/0 plunders
2. No more log-in automatic 1hr safe time
3. Make tix a premium currency for ingame exchange between players, and through the item and mercenary markets
4. Better graphics is always cool, shiny buttons, more metal and medieval themes
5. More kinds of equipable items, pet, endless possibilities here
6. Options for gear customization
7. Shiny new and simple tutorial for new players
8. Expand on the residence idea with more constructions for stat boosts
9. New elixirs, for much higher healing and prices
10. Elixirs for temporary stat boost, varying amounts of +stat and +duration of the boost


27.04.2017, 6:58

Add a link on the city names so we can just click on the city name and see perks instead of having to go search the map
"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
- Napoleon Bonaparte


27.04.2017, 7:01

i umderstand people wanting 5 minute plunders....but 10 minutes is kinda a break and i can do things in between....i don't have a problem with the 10 minutes....



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27.04.2017, 21:08


I have seen very good ideas so I will try to just put new ones, or tell my opinion of ideas already posted. I'm also writing in name of some of my Holy friends:

- I agree that the retro world (if it's going to be a thing) should maintain some of the things from V2, but mostly be V1. Examples: I think it's very important to let non-premium players talk in SB, as communication will let them enjoy a bit more the game, even if they are not premium. Not remove, but improve/reduce the battle fatigue: It's "hilarious" when you lose 100 fights in a row against the city militia.

- Battle for cities: I think it's okay to keep cities, improve some of their perks, especially those that use a bonus based in an absolute number: increased defense (+2), for example, may be useful at a fresh new world, but useless when everyone reached level 120+. Use percentages instead, 2-4% for stats seems alright.

* Create a city cap, not more than 15 cities for each order, but let orders activate 10 of them at the same time as a reward. Orders won't activate 2 cities with the same kind of perk to avoid over-exploiting them, especially in the case for bonus gold cities.
* Let volunteers join the city battles, just like order battles. Remove limit of joining allies as well.

- I support the idea of 5 minute for each plunder/protection. Reduce/remove chances to get 0/0. Also, nobody does 60 min plunders as they have same results as 10 min ones, and then, lose too much plundering time. Make 20-30-40 min, etc more interesting, with better rewards, even increasing chances to find some equipment.

- I totally support getting some credit if I sell a trained horse, not just half or original price, as if it was not trained. That's the reason why I want to change my level 40 horse directly to a 130 lvl one.

- Removing the 2 hour login protection is a must if Game Art wanted to keep the game interesting. As a level 105 player, why can't I attack anyone from level 100 and below? Just because they log in every 2 hours is not fair. Too many frustrated cows, lol.

- 1k gold x redeemed ticket (as V1) was fine. It should return in V3 to avoid "Super-mens".

- I support that every old world and international world should be merged.

- Definitely, remove xp cap. (The first one who gets 31 xp in a battle is likely to be in the Hall of Fame forever).

- Create an official website which shows all the Holy-equipment.

- Create personalities for the character, once you choose one, you won't be able to change it (every personality has advantages and disadvantages like: strength stat is cheaper to upgrade, but agility is more expensive, when they have both the same points).

- Other things I support:

* Battle every 30 minutes.
* Remove/improve (very much) the arena because nobody uses it.
* Bug fixes.
* Re-balance the residence to make prebattle hits worth again, as well as the battle script when fighting against lower levels. You should be able to choose some perk for your residence when maxed out (4% more points for the stat you desire, for example).
* Holy Battle once a week on Sundays.
* Improve the PMs, they are too obsolete, even for a Middle Age based game.
* More kinds of weapons, not just swords/axes/hammers.

That's all I could remember, there are too many good ideas for this game, Game Art should listen to the people...


28.04.2017, 7:47

It proposes to leave automatic treatment after a minimum of 8 h of uninterrupted work.
Leave 2 h sf for players with lv 5 lower.
The proposed changes are as follows:
1.High work rates
2 smaller plads and patrols
3 Liquidation of patrols and patrols with the result of 0 gold and 0 exp
4 Less waiting time between attacks. Instead of doing 5 mins make 2.5 and 5 minutes for the carcasses
5 Possible to speak battle for players without a bonus but at the expense of gold from a monster bank
6 Religious orders limited - the order can be attacked after 24 hours and the religious battle can be spoken after 18 h
7 Organize holy battles every week
8 One religion can have a maximum of 5 cities - this will make the game more attractive and will limit the chomikering of towns as it does MAL or LF.
9 Protect alliances of religious orders of different denominations. Paganism with saracens with saracens
10 Inactive players automatically removed from the monastery after 30 days without logging in.
11 Catch the cemeteries - know what's going on
12 Abolish the ability to have multiple accounts on different worlds within a single server
13 Possibility of displaying pots by the non-wounded in any quantity and not after 10 at a time
14 Possibility to sell alchemy pots in shop for 75% of shop price
15 Repair your mounts and weapons for premium.
16 You can buy equipment from any level and not just from your level at the blacksmith's
For now it is enough


28.04.2017, 11:57

Posting not working

If you have trouble to post here after having registered write to support and provide your forum account user name (exact spelling), we will activate your account (some activation mails seem to have problems getting through). Thanks.


28.04.2017, 19:15

I would like to see a dog next to my horse. Trained the same way as the horse and offcourse myself. Or a Bird.

Residence after level 50 or so, when it's finished, it is just there. Okay, it's defending but no game fun with after that.

Don't give the game away to the tixxers. They allready are in favor. Keep the game exited also for non prem players.

Make an allied council. Now orders just stand by eichother on the battlefields, but where is the real politics thing. Make it nice and easy. More to create a better contact with allies instead of just fight for them just to fight.

Make the old worlds join toghether. Some worlds are dying.

Thank you.



28.04.2017, 21:40

Finally I have a short bit of time to pull my thoughts together and name some ideas out that may have been said already or maybe not. As a moderator we get all the complaints and we read everyday what drives everyone insane and some to leave the game. I have had several who have left said they might come back if a retro world is put back into place. As a player who started in 2009, I remember well how much more competitive it was back during that time. I have a few ideas from then that I would love see to come back into this more modernized and update version of Holy War.

1) Just like in the old version, work pay was higher and xp was higher and I know they cut back on much of this because they could not keep up with higher level horses and equipment due to people leveling up so quickly. I loved the old work pay because it helped develop stats. I'm not an xp lover like many are in the game but I do think the 31 cap is ridiculous.

2) No two hour safety. I swear we lost most of the fun of pvp when that stopped. It was way more fun when you hit people who just got online and forgot to do an sf and then talked in sb. I had more people waiting for me back then because I was the worst to do that!

3) 8 hr healing is ok but I think it should go also because we have become complacent in playing this game. I can remember signing in, always getting hit first thing when I collected gold, I had absolutely no life from being hit and I rarely had enough lix to heal :D Then you had to fight to play. You could get gold for 1k via a tix and buy lix to heal or just suffer thru until you healed up.

4) City battles are okay....nothing special to me. When an order I am in has the benefits I do not see that big of a deal except for gold for the order and having money to pay for mercs. All city battles are is more xp and I feel that this game lost its competitive side when the city battles came into play. Someone in this thread said they think that the benefits should be different or better than what is offered now and I have to agree. A few gold cities are good because it keeps everyone fighting to get one. I think city benefits should be stat increases or everyone in order having a falcon which makes them +5 stronger or something that truly makes it worthwhile. Personally I hope they get rid of city battles but if they don't then do something different.

5) Order battles use to pull ALL order members into battle when they were declared on or did the declaring. I like that much better than having to participate in my own order battle. I know the reason behind it is because of the city battles and that's another reason I don't like city battles. I loved it back in 2009 when we had order battles with 500 people or more on each side and you had no idea who was going to win.

6) Tix should go back to the 1k gold per ticket. Believe me there were still tixxers back then but not as many as now and they were enough. Buying your way to the top makes it not competitive for the majority of players, including myself, who have enough things to pay for in rl without forking out a fortune to play a game. I understand the game is here to make money but you have to also realize there are many more players who will pay premium if affordable as long as they do not have to compete with players who buy their way to the top.

7) Tournaments are worthless anymore as is the Hall of Fame. Competitiveness in both areas went out the window when so much gold for a tix came into play.

8) Holy battles use to be on Sunday once every two weeks. That's fine or once a week but please put it back on the weekend for us working people!!!

9) Do things for orders. Allow them to build stables for members who want to level up and need to sell their horse and maybe a lower member wants it but needs to save up. Horse can stay in order stable while lower member saves and other member can buy his/her new horse. Allow the order to grow building options for new benefits. For instance, a range can be built to make archers stronger (and we do need archers implemented into this game).

10) 5 minute plunders and I'll do them again.....takes way too long now and give us better gold, xp or let us find gifts while we plunder other than xp and gold. Maybe throw in a diamond and after so many diamonds you can buy special equipment. Or throw in a sword or armor to win. Just not much coming back for the players especially since they cut back work pay and capped off xp.

11) Let non premium continue in sb but leave plunders 10 minutes for them. PvP stays 5 min for premium and 10 minutes for non premium.

12) Residence needs to offer more other than defense. Maybe allow extra things to be added on to enhance the players.

13) And shoutbox doesn't need a 60 second waiting period for people to send a message. More modern games are fast and immediate.

14) Get rid of random totally. That's not how things work realistically.

15) Keep it that you can leave work. That was a killer in the old days when you worked 12 hrs and had an order battle before and then got pulled in and lost gold big time! I like I can stop work :D

I'm sure I will think of more but this is enough for now! I know I'm long winded but I wanted to express things clearly.
As WC Fields once said, "It was a woman drove me to drink, and I never stopped to thank her.^^
Mod 575


29.04.2017, 16:42

I know it's me again :P One other suggestion is to maybe have a Beta run for the game to discover bugs and also get ideas from the beta?

Also two more idea :) building catapults for protection of castle or destruction of another and allowing orders to build towers so archers etc can protect the castle against attacks.

<span=&quot;)" no-repeat scroll 3px 50% / 14px 14px; position: absolute; opacity: 1; z-index: 8675309; display: none; cursor: pointer; border: medium none;">Save
As WC Fields once said, "It was a woman drove me to drink, and I never stopped to thank her.^^
Mod 575

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29.04.2017, 23:55

i think we have learned noone likes the log in safety....not even those who benefit from it.... and yeah i think a beta is a good idea....

Attila de hun


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30.04.2017, 9:01

Other country's to join

This game is based on the history of Europe in the Middle Ages. But unfortunately, I miss a number of countries that played a major role in these wars.
Especially the largest kingdom of that time Hungary.
After all, it was the Third Holy League that helped to expel the Ottoman Turks (Saracens) from central and southern Europe (1683 - 1699).
Which made Hungary big again.
I want to plead to allow more European countries to participate in this game.
As a result, there are more players.
At the same time, the prices of tickets must be reduced to make this possible. (Minimum wages are around 300 euros in Eastern Europe)
Lower ticket prices will also give the opportunity to non-premium players to buy tickets now.
Result: a lot more premium players,
And a lot more fun for all of us :P
I will never be someone you want me to be.
I am who I am
and just stay myself


30.04.2017, 21:42

Holywar 3 some ideas
Hello dear compatriots

Why not set up a bidding system:

-for resales of equipment and horses
-for mercenaries

Completely revisit the arena system, where no one sets foot. ( almost )

Make a euromillion style game: it would become "po" million
With draw every week

That's all for me

Best regards

-tribal- 8)


30.04.2017, 22:01

So far all the suggestions I have read are good at least. 0 plunders, less random factor are big ones. But I really believe in the stamina loss in battles for big tixxers. Higher lvl needs to be a factor in any fight, no matter how strong the lesser lvl. A return of greater workpay and lifting the xp cap should also be considered. :thumbup: :thumbup:


1.05.2017, 10:35

اقتراحات للاصدار 3.0 من اللعبة

:pinch: اولا السلام عليكم

اقتراحاتي وافكاري بعضها قد يكون غير قابل للتطبيق ولكني سأكتبها بأي حال
تطوير قدرات الشخصية في الاصدار الحالي يعتمد فقط على المدة التي يقضيها اللاعب في النهب والعمل فقط بمعني انه لا يوجد مجال للاستراتيجية, ارى ان يتم اضافة استراتيجيات لقتال واحد ضد واحد مثل استراتيجيات المعركة بحيث يعتمد اللاعبون على ذكائهم قليلا وينافسوا اللاعبين اصحاب المستويات الاعلى
-ان يكون للسكن خصائص اكثر من مجرد اعادة الحيوية, مثلا ان يكون للاعب القدرة على تخزين الذهب في المنزل او حمله حسب اختياره, وكذا يكون للاعبين القدرة على مهاجمة المساكن للبحث عن الذهب, ان يكون للاعب الاختيار ان اراد البقاء في السكن لحراسة ذهبه او ربما شراء كلب او فخاخ لحراسة السكن من الهجمات
-ان يكون هناك قدرة على قتل اللاعبين الاخرين للحرص على بقاء الجميع نشطا, ولكن ان لا يكون ذلك سهلا جدااا بحيث مثلا ان يكون متطلبا الهجوم على اللاعب وانهاء نقاط حياته 5 مرات متتالية, يكون للاعب ان خشى ان يقتل امكانية الاحتماء في مقر كتيبته ليحميه اعضاء الكتيبة
-ان يكون لمعارك الكتائب امكانيات اخرى اكثر من مجرد سرقة الذهب, ربما تضاف خيارات عند مهاجمة مقر كتيبة ما اما ان يكون الهجوم لسرقة الذهب او لتدمير مقر الكتيبة
-اتحدث عن نفسي في هذه النقطة في الدولة حيث اوجد لا يمكنني شحن اي تذاكر وليس لدينا بطاقات دفع لذا اتمنى اضافة امكانية تحويل الذهب الى تذاكر او على الاقل جعل امكانية اعلان الحروب لا تتطلب بيميوم, من غير العادل ان لا نكون قادرين على قيادة الكتائب واعلان الحروب لاننا لسنا بريميوم هذ السبب في قلة اللاعبين العرب في اللعبة
-في معارك الكتائب والمدن يجب ان يكون للقائد القدرة على اشراك جميع افراد الكتيبة في معارك الكتيبة او حتى تطويعهم في معارك الحلفاء حتى بدون موافقتهم

ان قرأت ما كتبت سواء كنت تتفق ام تختلف معي ارجو ان تترك تعليقا برأيك


1.05.2017, 14:06

I'm putting a translation here for the previous post from Marwan so that others don't have to translate and can read the suggestion :)

Suggestions for version 3.0 of the game
First: Peace be upon you

My suggestions and thoughts may not be applicable, but I will write them anyway
The development of personal abilities in the current version depends only on the length of time spent in the looting and work only in the sense that there is no room for strategy, I see that strategies are added to fight one against one, such as battle strategies so that players rely on their intelligence slightly and compete with players of higher levels
- For example, if the player has the ability to store the gold at home or carry it as he chooses, and the players have the ability to attack the houses to look for gold, the player has the choice to stay in the house to guard his gold or perhaps Buy a dog or traps to guard the housing from attacks
- There is the ability to kill the other players to make sure that everyone is active, but that is not so easy, so that for example to be required to attack the player and end the points of his life 5 consecutive times, the player is afraid to kill the possibility of hiding in the headquarters of his battalion to protect members Battalion
- The battles of the Phalangists have other possibilities than just stealing gold. Possibilities may be added when attacking the headquarters of a battalion. Either the attack is to steal the gold or to destroy the headquarters of the battalion.
- I talked about myself at this point in the state where I found I can not ship any tickets and we do not have payment cards so I wish to add the possibility of converting gold to tickets or at least make the possibility of declaring wars do not require a day, it is unfair to not be able to lead battalions and advertising Wars because we are not Premium This is why there are few Arab players in the game
- In the battles of the battalions and cities, the commander must have the ability to involve all members of the battalion in the battles of the battalion or even to recruit them in the battles of the allies even without their consent

If you read what you wrote, whether you agree or disagree with me, please leave a comment in your opinion<span=&quot;)" no-repeat scroll 3px 50% / 14px 14px; position: absolute; opacity: 1; z-index: 8675309; display: none; cursor: pointer; border: medium none;">Save
As WC Fields once said, "It was a woman drove me to drink, and I never stopped to thank her.^^
Mod 575


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2.05.2017, 4:26

Another thing I absolutely hate is not being able to see what battles are going on when I am in camp. I should be able to at minimum view other battles. There are times where I have joined a battle camp with 11 hours to spare and can only go off messages that are sent as to what is going on.
City battles have made order battles obsolete. Either rework them, or get rid of them. The benefits are cr@p anyways.
Add some sort of way to gain XP between orders... similar to team arena, but it would be like a mini order battle that you dont have to wait 12 hours for.
Add a small bonus gold for battle healing tickets that are cashed.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Add in Plunderable weapons, armour, potions, etc. At lvl 192 the weapons I have to buy are over 1 million gold. Selling elixers alone takes WAY too long.
Add in one free name change. Then tickets are required to change the name. I have bought and sold many accounts, I have paid probably close to $200 on tickets just to change the names of my characters over the 10 years I have played.
Get rid of all the safety login cr@p. People need to quit complaining. If you are unsafe and get hit that is your fault. Don't complain about it.
Bring back the 1g mercs! This was an amazing option of the older versions of the game.
Get rid of the 10% cut the shops take when you sell your gear. Maybe 3%?
Make newbie protection last through lvl 10. In new worlds you are automatically healed up through lvl 5 when attacked. This would keep new people around a bit longer.
Open a test world to test features in. Make it free to play, but it gets wiped every so often with no warning.
Start with 1000g instead of 100g. 100g is ridiculous. You can barely get going with that.
Add the ability to search for low level accounts in merged worlds. There are more than 3k players in the merged world. If someone starts late they have to be very smart on how they filter the searches. A newbie will not know how to do this.



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2.05.2017, 4:51

Battle of the Phalangists ?! 8| My word, what is going on here lol. :P
Jokes aside, below are my recommendations..



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2.05.2017, 4:56

Main suggestions:
(I ranked these roughly in order of most to least important)

A. Make non-premium feel less like a punishment.
Reason: In order to keep worlds “alive” and slow the inevitable departure of existing players, this is a must. This will go a long way in retaining players new to the game, since most of them will be non-prem. from the start. Your data will tell you that the second most common window for quitting occurs at the expiration of the premium trial period… And overall, the most important source of revenue for GAS, by a large margin, is through reckless tixxing, not through BH or premium.

Implementing the following feels appropriate for non-premium:

• 5 to 10 minutes between PVP attacks
• Level filter (less important)
• Ability to sell entire inventory of elixirs (less important)

B. Institute more incentives to participate in battles.
Reason: Battles should be more fun than simply for XP or some kind of vague group objective, like cities. It is not probable to get much loot and most players don’t expect to from battles, so the only gold benefit is through merc. Winners of a battle, regardless of individual performance, could get some kind of bonus, like Master Merlin suggested. Perhaps a version of the HB bonuses on a smaller scale.

C. Five-minute plunders or protects for premium accounts. Keep the number of total allotted the same.
Reason: makes the game less time-consuming to play.

D. Improve the market system
Reason: At higher levels it becomes a pain in the butt to sell or purchase equipment with the risk of cowing out when you are not careful. What if it is possible to withhold any market proceeds until a player chooses to collect, similar to work wages?

E Messaging options:
Mail-all option for order, team members
Mercenary list built in for either the diplomacy, or order diplomacy tab (good call UG)

F. Dial back the effects of tixxing. Please. I know this is a hard thing to do and a short line in here hardly does it justice, so I will write a full argument somewhere why tixxing is making worlds ill.

G. Remove log-in safety. Someone could get by without a single SF per day, which is rather silly.

H. City stat benefits should be percentages %. Tada! Useful beyond level 20!

I. And yes, mandatory battle enrollment should be re-instated for Order Battles.

Expanding the game (a more interesting Holy War):

A. Make the arena relevant. When there aren’t tournaments, the arena is a ghost town!
Remove level restrictions or make them greater, more lenient. The potential for exploitation is low here since same IP fights aren’t allowed anyway.
Remove nonsensical rules, such as “wagers will be lost”, etc.

B. Tactics allocating foot soldiers and infantry in a battle would be VERY interesting, as suggested by scioperhaus.
One, this is very realistic, as armies could not field its entire host on horses, and a combined-arms approach worked. Two, this would make the ACs and OMs' jobs much more interesting as they have decisions to make before each battle! Same mechanism as in tourneys.

C. People tend to all buy the same weapons. That’s no fun. Why not give axes and blunt weapons a bonus against shields, swords a defensive bonus, lances (or bows ??!) armour piercing, or pole-arms a bonus against cavalry? Perhaps armours could have different properties as well. This would mean that there would be a reason to have multiple sets of equipment for different scenarios, which a medieval warrior certain would have. And, to balance that out, reduce the price.

Other more trivial improvements:
1) The option of depositing gold in residence would be fantastic. Or, alternatively, the option of building a “hideout” where a portion of your current gold could be stashed and safe from incoming PVPs and battles. This could, of course, be a premium feature.

2) Remove PM censorship, including URLs
Reason: First, people have always found ways to bypass anyway; second, private communication should have fewer rules imposed compared to the public SB.
3) Simplify SB colour-codes and increase text formatting options
4) Enable a longer SB history, including for Team and Order SB’s.
Reason: sometimes when playing HW it’s tempting to multitask, and you don’t remember to stick around for the reply on the SB.

5) Possibility of selling horses at perhaps 50% of current stats would actually open a market for horses, and reimburse the previous owner for a portion of the upkeep expenses.

For the record, I agree with Ransom and don’t believe the combat algorithm needs to be changed. The random factor mimics realism and the complete lack of risk will make fights boring.

Finally, and thanks for getting to the end: I believe any changes you do decide to make should be made public in the forum first before being implemented in the new world. If your goal is to listen to our suggestions, then surely it would be nice to get the majority of players on board with the new updates before they go into effect. Just making sure.

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