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  • "itsjustme" started this thread

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Tuesday, November 20th 2012, 5:52pm

This is why...

And this is why I stayed out of the forum for almost a year...
Same round and round of players wanting a better game and sounding off about it, getting tired of not seeing it so sound off a bit louder trying to get their point heard and BAM!! The loudest wheel gets the boot while those who whisper worse things publicly get the pat on the back consent and approval via ignoring them because they aren't loud enough to make anyone listen or take notice.

I don't even want any improvements to the game, just fix the stuff that's broken please ;(
I don't even compete any more, it's useless.
I log in and chat with those who I have come to somewhat know over the last 3-4 years and just don't care about the game.

So another self imposed ban from the forums for me.
Good luck to those fighting the fight here. Try to get G@S to do something, but as for me, I don't care what they do any more... 8)

knuddels all around ;)
Just here to spread hate and discontent

OK, moving on now...

Captain ApeX

GameArt Support DE

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Wednesday, November 21st 2012, 12:16pm

And I can only repeat what I already wrote in the other thread:

Nothing is going to stop anyone around here from discussing things in a civil manner, itsjustme. You may not believe me, nor you may care, but it is incredibly unsatisfying for me as well to ask for that simple request, then read nothing but spam, accusations, veiled insults against the company, the support, the moderators and everyone else not having the same opinion, then having to judge it as a rule break in the forum and afterwards being part of a paranoia infused conspiracy theory that deals a lot with "the opinion of good people being oppressed by an evil regime of moneygrabbers".

First of all, if these "good people" would just stop breaking the rules, they wouldn't be banned and threads wouldn't be closed. Heck, it's all in the rules how you avoid being banned, locked, booted. Support and moderators keep on telling it. Matter of factly, a lot of that is supposed to be normal behavior in a conversation. If someone is screaming and insulting you while demanding things, you wouldn't exactly see it as "surpressing his or her right to express an opinion" when asking to talk to you in a more civil way and with a moderate voice, either now, would you? Why is it so normal to do just that on the internet, then, I wonder? All of a sudden, that behavior is acceptable and the one asking for a bit more discipline is "the bad guy"? Seriously, I don't buy that.

Second, if we wouldn't want people to express their opinion period, we wouldn't just give them the boot, and ask for some discipline over and over. We don't need to. We could just ban everyone who expresses "rebellious" behavior, who is not "part of the conspiracy" and create an environment where everyone is pro-GAS, or else. We could just close the forum, itsjustme. Seriously, it's in essence just one button I'd had to push. Not the situation we have right now? Well, there you go.

I am genuinely sorry that you decide to leave the forum again. I enjoy talking to people in a civil manner, and you are one of them. But please, don't do that because a thread was locked after another 'bump'. If you look at the thread, there have been five or six 'bumps', before that were ignored. At one point, though, as I explained, a thread that has only a 'bump' left in the tank has run it's course. That was my decision, and I stand for it. I also explained my reasons, and I promised to forward the suggestion again, even without a 'bump' reminding me. I don't need to be reminded about that thread anymore, I have it on my radar. But now leaving because of that and making it appear as if the support is suppressing the voices of the players is just not fair.



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Sunday, November 25th 2012, 3:14pm

Itsjustme, you are so right. depends if you are pally with the "in-crowd" or not.
There comes a point... :cursing:



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Sunday, November 25th 2012, 3:31pm

it is always up to the players to change the status quo :)
aka freya 8o