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Thursday, February 28th 2008, 4:11am

KNIGHTS TEMPLAR (level 10+) recruiting

This order (Headed and founded by Lord Shadow Hawk the Bold) Is an exclusive level 10+ order that will be growing fast. All members are active and friendly. The order residence is currently level 7, and we have 20 slots open for members. The ranking system is unique, and goes as follows - 5 squires (lowest rank) once we get 6 for the squire position the strongest member gets a promotion and the ranks bump up from there. The rules are simple: No spamming, no cussing, no attacking fellow members, donate money per day, and strive for higher levels. Also, you are expected to show up in battle, regardless of whether the enemy is large or small.

This description is from the order commander


We don\'t really need a description, we are the heavy hitters of the 1st CRUSADES, you already know who we are.

\"[A Templar Knight] is truly a fearless knight, and secure on every side, for his soul is protected by the armor of faith, just as his body is protected by the armor of steel. He is thus doubly-armed, and need fear neither demons nor men.\"
Bernard de Clairvaux, c. 1135, De Laude Novae Militae—In Praise of the New Knighthood

All Order Knights must donate 500 to join the order. Only the most powerfull knights will be in this order once is full. Plus a 100 Gold a day*censored*h. You don\'t have to have it all up front so go ahead and apply now.

------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------
The Templar Hierarchy

The following article is intended as an overview of the Templar\'s hierarchy. Please keep in mind that as the Order grew in size and scope new positions were created.

The Grand Master
The Grand Master was the supreme authority of the Templar Order and answered to none save the pope. Once elected to the office, the Grand Master served for the remainder of his life. In several cases that lifetime was cut short. Several Grand Masters were killed in battle, showing that the position was far more than an administrative one.

While each country had its own Master, the Grand Master was above each of them. In addition to overseeing military operations, the Grand Master was also responsible for the business dealings of the Order.

The Seneschal was the right hand man to the Grand Master and in modern terms would be similar to a vice president of a corporation. The Seneschal also acted as a consigliare or advisor to the Grand Master and looked after a great deal of the administrative duties.

Along with the Grand Master, the Seneschal ruled over eight Templar provincial Masters. These provinces were chiefly Aragon, Apulia, England, France, Hungary, Poitiers, Portugal and Scotland.

The Marshal of the Order was the Templar in charge of war and anything that was related to it. In this sense the Marshal could be viewed as the second most important member of the Order after the Grand Master.

His personal retinue was comprised of two squires, one turcoman, one turcopole and one sergeant. He also had four horses at his command.

Under Marshal
The Under Marshal was in charge of the footmen and the equipment.

Standard Bearer
The Standard Bearer was in charge of the squires and, despite the*censored*le of his office, never seemed to actually carry the Order\'s standard himself.

The Draper was in charge of the Templar garments and linens and while this may seem like a menial task, the Templar Rule of Order states that after the Master and Marshal, the Draper was superior to all brethren.

The Templar Rule of Order said of the Draper\'s responsibilities regarding the robe of the order, \"and the Draper or the one who is in his place should studiously reflect and take care to have the reward of God in all the above-mentioned things, so that the eyes of the envious and evil-tongued cannot observe that the robes are too long or too short; but he should distribute them so that they fit those who must wear them, according to the size of each one.\"

The Draper had in his personal retinue two squires, a number of tailors and one brother in charge of the pack animals who would carry supplies. In addition the Draper, like the Marshal, had four horses at his disposal.

Commanders of the Lands:
Jerusalem, Antioch and Tripoli
These Templar officers operated much like a Baillie and operated under the Masters. Commanders were responsible for all Templar houses, castles and farms in their jurisdiction.

The personal retinue of the Commanders consisted of two squires, two foot soldiers, one sergeant, one deacon and one Saracen scribe. Like others, the Commander had four horses at his command as well as one palfrey (riding horse).

Commanders of knights, houses and farms (Casals)

These Templars fell under the Commanders of Lands and were responsible for the day to day operations of the various estates under their care. Generally speaking, they were knights, but if no knight resided in the region, the position could go to a sergeant.

If the Commander was a knight he was permitted four horses, but if a sergeant he was allowed only two.

Provincial Masters
Provincial Masters, who governed the western districts, were similar to the Commanders of Lands, but seem to have largely been responsible for managing revenue and recruiting new men to the Order.

Knights and Sergeants
The bulk of the Templar\'s military might was comprised of knights and sergeants. Although both classes of Templars were as likely to die in battle, the knight had a higher ranking within the Order.

Knights had to be men of noble birth and wore the white mantle that is the most familiar garment of the Order. Each knight was permitted one squire and three horses.

Sergeants did not have to be of noble birth and to show their lower rank, sergeants wore a black or brown mantle. They were given one horse and had no squires under their command.
------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

As we get more people, and you get more powerfull your rank may be adjusted. I am curently working on getting the rank reguirments in place, but it will mostly have to do with level, current eguipment and weither you been to battle with us yet. Almost everyone will start as a Squire, but can work thier way up to at least Knight. If you apply to the order just waite we will mail you back with weither we have accepted you are not. We can take 1 more person before we upgrade. Then we must waite till we get more money. Must be level 10 to apply as of now.
-------------------------------------------- -------------------- wiki/Knights_Templar


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Thursday, February 28th 2008, 4:12am

Roster and Current positions

Members - 15/35

Master of the order
Army commander

[KT1] Lord Shadow Hawk the Bold

Order members


[KT1] Lord Shadow Hawk the Bold
The Grand Master


[KT1] Llednar
Knight & Under Marshal

[KT1] yahhh
Knight & Holy Draper

[KT1] Lord Nitro
Holy Sergeant

[KT1] oninekox3
Holy Sergeant

[KT1] various1
Holy Sergeant

[KT1] jtan484
Holy Sergeant

[KT1] Desy91
Holy Sergeant

[KT1] Novus_Pioneer
Standard Bearer

[KT1] Lancer Magus
1st Squire

[KT1] Minty
2nd Squire

3th Squire

[KT1] mat3739
4d Squire

[KT1] Humanslayer
5th Squire

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Thursday, February 28th 2008, 4:16am

Application form

If you would like to, post an application here. If not send it to the order

Name -

Level -

Previous Orders (If applicable) -

Will you be loyal to the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR? -


Sunday, March 2nd 2008, 7:42pm

name : Novus_Pioneer

Level : 10

I will be a good member of the knight templar guarding the place where
God seal the evil fight against the other faith and bring back every
thing under the God and Jesus hand

sorry if too much

Thanks :)


Monday, March 3rd 2008, 12:52am

Accepted i believe

We would be happy to accept you, send your application to the order KNIGHTS TEMPLAR and then await the order masters decision to allow you in. Thank you. One other thing, there are imposters that are attempting to steal members by stealing our name and turning it backwards, if you accidently go to them do not be decived! They are fowlest scum that will shortly pay for their cloak and dagger ways.

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Thursday, March 13th 2008, 3:56am

He never submited any application yet, so I decided to mail him about it.


Sunday, March 16th 2008, 9:40pm

To become a member of this order you must send an application and be level 10+. If you don't know how: log in, go to order, type in knights templar, go to the bottom of the screen where it says application and click on it. Fill out your application (like the one I typed above) and send. You should shortly become a member of the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR.