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22.05.2010, 05:51

I came for the free food . . .

but I must be late, because there isn't any left. But since I'm already here, I might as well look around the forum and check the game out. If I ever find the person who pulled this bait & switch on me though . . .

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25.05.2010, 15:21

sorry i might have eaten that free food, but hello all the same
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26.05.2010, 03:33

Welcome! sorry i ate the free milk and cookies but i saved you one :P *hands over free cookie*



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29.05.2010, 07:38

I would share some of my food... but food and browser games just arent that compatible... you can try to share via USB port... but it just gets all pluggd up 8o and trying to share the beer is even worse!!!

but welcome anyway!! :P
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