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29.01.2010, 7:16


8th Roman Legion is currently recruiting soldiers You maybe as low as level 2 to join. I think the game wants you to be at least a level 5 though Anyhow we are recriuting higw level and low level knights to play as Roman soldiers. Rank and decorations tre part of the game play we also have a professional army pay incentive to join open to all player regardless of rank we are the first order to offer regular army monthly pay to our knights .

If you are a new player we are open to you come we will help teach you and answer any questions that you may have we have a cadre of commanders of the command staff to help in hanse your game.

We will soon join the fighting but need troops to participate to defend the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE
n a crusade against the sercean and pagan foe

PM me to join at game site

DUX( GENERAL) Ghettomedic Ordermaster
Military Governor of Jerusalem :D :thumbsup: