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20.11.2009, 15:44

[KH] Knights Hospitaller

KH] Knights Hospitaller

Come and join the highly respected Christians order[/b] [KH] Knights Hospitaller. One of the strongest Christians orders of world nine. Only dedicated level 11's and up may be accepted for the order. Special exceptions may be made for campers. Please send a application or contact [b]Blessed Gerard our order leader Or me Templar the Army commander[/b]

We are a highly Successful order in World nine so far, but be are small. We have many Allies that are in fight constantly and need support.

**********************************************About the Order***************************************************************
The Order was founded my Blessed Gerard and in the Start Brother Frederic was the Army Commander. But Brother Frederic was inactive so they replace him with me. We are currently a small order, and we will by all means stay small if we must. Both me and Blessed Agree that we would rather be a Small order with active, Strong players that a large order With Inactive, weak players. We support our Allies all the time and expect them to do the same. Thus far our Allies have been great, helping us in battle and any other situations and count ourself lucky.

6/1/10 We have merged Our forces with the Defenders of the cross order and we are now stronger than ever

*****************************************Important ; Read if you wish to Join ****************************************************
If you wish to join this is what is Expected of you
  1. You must be Active. Meaning be on every day if you can 4/7 days is just about acceptable. We accept that this is not always possable so please give The Om or AC a pm saying this and we can get someone to Sit you.
  2. Must Donated MAX every day. MAX is 10X you level. E.g A level 30 Donated 300 gold everyday.
  3. Must Support Allied battle.
  4. Continually be getting stronger
If You think That you cannot live up to these rules this this is NOT the order for you and do not Apply

***************************************************Order Life***********************************************************
This is a fun Order and we want everyone to feel at home in it. We are constantly playing Role play ( represented by a * at the beginning and end of sentence). You will find that Me And Roxanne are the most talkative when it come's to this. we have encountered a Small problem thought. The low levels and new members seem to be intimidated by us, i want to point our that EVERYONE is allowed and indeed encouraged to talk. It is very fun, and Show us that you are active.

there are many perks accommodated with the Order, a few are
  1. Security: In a Order you are less likely to be Hit, and fellow members can help defend you.
  2. Cow lists: When in our Order we will share cows and battle cows alike to everyone. We even have a spreadsheet Using Google Doc that allow us to communicate. More will be explained to you if you join.
  3. Fun: This order will be a fun place were we all talk together and think up silly situations. :D

So if you think you have what it takes to be a Members of the Knights Hospitaller send down a Application form now.

[b][KH] Knights Hospitaller

"This door is open?"

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26.11.2009, 2:46

Great order ---^ Come on down
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