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The Black Knight



Sunday, September 13th 2009, 10:27am

Compilation of Issues (Suggestions)

(- Updated Thursday, September 24th 2009, 14:46pm UTC-6 -)

After some discussions with HWT and the rest of the mods, I've decided to compile each of the various threads on the Support, Suggestions, and Error Report forums, with the hope that this will expedite communications between the player base and HWT. I invite all of the players to add any corrections or to request that any other threads be added to this list.

HOWEVER... in the interests of clarity, I will delete every response to this thread once I have reviewed the comments. Suggested comments would be along the lines of clarifying or correcting any errors made in the thread summaries, along with suggestions for other threads that should be included.

I would also ask that any mods who are interested please keep this thread updated as needed.

Be able to see who is online in your order…&threadID=10367
- Include some sort of capacity to show OMs/ACs if their members have been online within the past week.

- Provide options for players to complete quests of different types in exchange for various rewards.

Seeing Merc Price…&threadID=13979
- Add information in the engagement report and/or the battle report to show how much you have been hired to merc for.

Single-button healing…&threadID=13863
- Add a button on the inventory page to allow a player to heal up to full with one click, using various options (a percentage of health, possibly considering camp time as well)

New Faith / Faith Bonus…&threadID=13879
- Provide different (minor) bonuses to each individual faith

Improved Training…&threadID=14167
- Provide an option to increase a stat by more than one point at a time, and update the gold price to reflect total cost, similar to Tagoria.

Order Recruitment…&threadID=13803
- Provide a separate board within the game that allows players looking for an order to join to display various statistics about themselves.
- This would also allow OMs/ACs to see at a glance all of the various players looking for order.

"Send Mail" button in camp…&threadID=14137
- Provide a button at the bottom of the camp page which would create a new PM with the entire camp list (including who is at camp) in the body of the PM.

Optional Censor…&threadID=14241
- Provide an option to disable the censor, as desired, so that players would not be limited to "G-rated" conversations, but where players would still be protected, if desired.

Get rid of the 8) smiley…&threadID=14166
- Change this emoticon to use a different abbreviation, so that camp lists containing players with a level ending in 8 can be shown properly.

Censor usernames, etc.…&threadID=14243
- Extend the censor to look at usernames, order tags, horse names, and order names; i.e., apply the censor consistently throughout the game.

"Petition" for Pagan defenses on Holy Battles…&threadID=14200
- Provide options for Christian v Pagan Holy Battles, given that the Saracens are grossly outnumbered and there is currently no challenge to the current Christian v Saracen matchup.

New Order Type…d&threadID=6664
- Provide option for a "merc order" that could not directly participate in order battles (i.e., could neither declare nor attack), but which could be hired all at once by an OM/AC of another order. Order funds could be used by the members for anything (i.e., not limited as per normal order banks).

Cross-Faith Orders…d&threadID=6664
- Part of the same thread; allow orders to have one member of an outside faith for every level of residence.

Be able to see who is online in your order…&threadID=14010
- Add an indicator that would show order member activity; if they had been online within the past 24 hours, for example (updated at server reset).

Beyond this, please bump whatever suggestions you wish to have added to this list; this is just meant as a seed to start things off. Also, as a guideline; if there is no clear consensus on the suggestion or if there are less than 9 responses to the post, I believe we should not post it here.

Thank you.


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Monday, November 2nd 2009, 9:31am

A list of suggestions have been sent off and we are waiting for some feedback. I have put some strong emphasis on the Sitting Tool suggestions.

Let's keep this thread updated for the next batch of suggestions. If there are any "never, never, never going to get implemented" suggestions, I'll come and kill them off. E.g getting rid of tixxers :D
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