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Tuesday, September 18th 2007, 2:14pm

Order: Orders and order battles

Q1. Can order members be of different faiths?

No. All members of an order must have the same faith.

Q2. I'm looking for an order. What should I do?

First click on Order -> Diplomacy in-game. Scroll down and you'll find two options.
  1. Search for an Order: Here you may add your name to the list of players looking to join an order. Your name will be removed from the list after 7 days, or when you have applied to join an order.
  2. Orders Seeking Members: Choose a faith and click Display. You'll then get a list of all orders actively looking for members, and you may apply directly to the order. Keep in mind, you may only apply to orders of your own faith.

Alternatively, you can look through the forum for an oredr which appeals to you, then search for that order directly in-game under Order -> Overview then apply in-game to that order.

Q3. Why can't I join an order or found my own order?

To join an order you have to have level 5, and to found your own order you must have level 15 and 1000 gold.
If you fulfill these requirements, go to Order -> Found Order and then fill out the name, tag and description of your order. You will automatically be the Order Master and Army Commander. Then you need to find members for your new order.

Q4. How do I donate gold to my order?

To donate gold to your order go to Order -> Finances, enter the amount of gold you would like to donate and hit Donate.
Your gold will be donated!
You can only donate your level x 10 gold each day - i.e., Player with level 14 can donate 140 gold daily.

Q5 How soon can I join a new Order after leaving one?.

When you leave or are dismissed from an order, in addition to the previous 30 day wait-time to rejoin the same order there is also a general wait-time before you may join or found an order at all. The wait time is equal to 7 days less the number of days you were a member of the last order (in other words, if you were a member for 8 days you need not wait to join a new order at all, and the maximum wait-time is 7 days).

Q6. Order battle lost in spite of more victories, why?

How many victories each side wins does not determine the final outcome of the battle. How many warriors are still standing and able to fight at the end of the battle is the deciding factor.

Q7. How does it work? Do the stronger ones always fight against the weaker ones? Or do you draw lots?

The mercenaries are paid to fight, so they go first into the battle! They are followed by those volunteers who offered to fight for an order, and finally the order members themselves fight in the last wave. If all the warriors engage once in battle, those who are still able to fight start over again following the same sequence.

Q8. When do the battles start if war is declared?

Battles begin 12 hours after the declaration to the next half-hour. For instance, if battle is declared at 08:47 server time, the battle will start at 21:00 servert time (9pm). If the battle is declared at 08:01 servert time, it will begin at 20:30 (8:30pm). Battles only ever begin on the hour or half-hour.

Q9. Can I escape from an upcoming battle ? How can I get out of the army camp? I joined the wrong side, can I change that?

We're sorry, but you can't change sides and you can't get out! If you enrolled in the battle, than you are required to participate. If you didn't go into the army camp, you will be called up as soon as the battle begins. If you are in the army camp, you have to wait until the battle is over. However, in the camp you are protected from attacks and your life energy quickly regenerates.

Q10. How can I join a battle?

If you are an order master or an army commander, you can search in the Order menu to decare war on another order. You can also enrol as a mercenary by going to City -> Mercenary -> Enrol as a Mercenary and an order may recruit you, paying you to fight for them! You may also simply volunteer for a scheduled order battle of your choice under Battle.

Q11. The upper and the lower clock don't show the same time. What's up with that?

The upper clock shows location time. This is the maximum time you spend in the army camp. You are in the army camp until the battle is over.

Q12. I'm 'hanging' in the army camp.

Even if the battle is cancelled for some reason, you will automatically be sent home after 20 minutes.
Important: Click 1-2 times on 'Status' to refresh the screen if you are in the army camp, waiting to get out and seem to be stuck!

Q12. What weapons should I bring into Battle?

At the start of a battle, all of your highest-level gear will be automatically equipped.

Q13. What is my Order Residence Defence Bonus?

The defending order in any battle receives a defence bonus equal to the stage of their order residence. If your order has a stage 5 residence, then in any battle in which your order has been declared upon by an attacking order, every warrior fighting for on the side of your order (every player on the defending side, order members, mercs and volunteers) receives +5 to their defence statistic.

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