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17.08.2009, 12:04

The Devils Rejects Order Now Recruiting

I have recruited a few close friends to start a new order in World 7. We are looking for players level 25 and up to join us. We have space now, and will expand to accomodate 15 members in the next day or so. What we are looking for are serious players who know the game and want to have a good time supporting other friends and allies in battles. We are a pagan order, but will fight for any faith that shows support and extends the hand of friendship.

All those in 7 who know me, know that this order has the potential to be something better. Interested? Send me a PM via forum mail or send a PM over there, after taking a look at the order page itself! Thanks!



23.08.2009, 23:02

Change of leadership

DevilMachine has left our order, and we are taking a very different direction from where he was leading us.

King of Pain is now our OM, I am still the AC, and now we are looking for players who have struggled to grow.

Come grow with us, we will help you to get to the point battling orders are looking to recruit from.


29.08.2009, 3:09

We have reached out to some top notch orders who will support us in creating a great environment to develop your character in. We can seriously help players who are struggling at advancing in this game, and it is our goal to bring the players that desire our help up to the bar at which these top notch allies of ours are looking to recruit from. Do not be bashful; if you want help developing your character, ask us. You should be willing to work in the direction we suggest you work in, because we will help you earn the respect you desire.

We will not require you to be in battles which you likely have no impact in and will slow down your development...we will ease you into the battles when we feel you will make an impact. You will grow into a better player with us if you put in the effort and follow our advice.

Put in an application with the Devil's Rejects, or send messages either to me, Spotted, or to our OM, King of Pain.