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27.06.2009, 22:18

LITTLE VIKES (Tikes) recruiting now

Little Vikes (or "Tikes") is a Pagan Training Order.
We are actively seeking qualified applicants to take up Asgard's flag.
Applicants must be willing to train, and it will be work.

-We will train new players to survive in W7. Learn to camp, to fight, how to deal with allies and even how to be an order leader yourself. Our purpose is to train players for advanced orders. Some of our trainees have gone on to several elite orders such as Gaurdians of Asgard, Acme and others. Be the best player you can be, learn right from the start. Join Tikes.

C.C.C. alliance member


1)Maximum Donation Every Single Day

2)You MUST BE ACTIVE!!!! We have specific activity requirements.

3)MUST be level 5 or above with a v/d of at least 1, unless referred by a Gaurdians of Asgard.

4)MUST be willing to learn/listen to instruction and be respectful.

5)Level 11's and up MUST participate in all assigned battles.

Adherence to rules will eventually gain you a place amongst the elite in Guardians of Asgard.

Failure to follow rules will result in dismissal.