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Tazmar Commeticus

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01.06.2008, 15:32

Conscripted into battle against fellow Christians

In the recent battle between the berserkers and The Knights of One Banner, I was unwillingly drafted into battle against fellow Christians by the berserkers (small letters used deliberately). I didn't even know I had been drafted because my net server was down last night. My merc message clearly says I will not fight other Christians. When I got up this morning I was in a battle. Then Snellembiss the order master didn't pay me because I wasn't 90% powered up. Had I known I would have deactivated my weapons.

Let this server as a warning about the dishonorable order, the berserkers, and Snellembiss.


01.06.2008, 19:45

It wasn't his choice not to pay you, the game automatically does that.

Regardless, if you're in the stall for a small amount of gold expect to be hired against your will anyway. You could always up the price tag... but then nobody will bother hiring you unless you're one of the top dogs.

Tazmar Commeticus

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02.06.2008, 06:29

Thanks hchan.

I put a large amount and a note to pm me for the real price.

"I will not fight other Christians" means just that.

If he hires me for the price I put up, he deserves what he gets.

And I'll be powered up, if there is a next time.

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02.06.2008, 13:55

As a rule:
  1. If you've made a deal with someone, list for exactly the agreed amount at exactly the agreed time so they can get you and the enemy (hopefully) can't mercjack you.
  2. If there's an amount that you'd be willing to fight for, no matter who hires you, under whatever circumstances, list yourself for that amount. But only if you can check in a few times/day to see if you've been hired and get healed up.
  3. Otherwise, list yourself at maximum (500x level), with a description saying "PM me for the real price. Will not fight [for/against whoever]."
If you put yourself up at a reasonable price, people are going to think you've gone for #2 and hire you accordingly.
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Tazmar Commeticus

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02.06.2008, 15:34

Thanks again, Falcotron, for you practical and helpful advice.

I'll do the first one whenever I can. I see your point about #2, though I did put that I won't fight against other Christians. So, what I'm doing now is the third one, saying to PM for the real price. Only I didn't know what the max amount was. Thanks; I'm going to put that.



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17.07.2008, 21:20

um you dont have to be a merc in the fisrt place but putting your price up sounds like a good idea
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