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Friday, July 12th 2019, 1:21pm


The game is changing. We hold so many records and as Master when i see us grow we will be more declaring and hands up under pressure to declare more often. Since 2007 accepted as Master looking all .... be they prem or not but also steering towards envy by others. Recruits climbing and mailing one by one all worlds in forum .... the lions are going to hammer the worlds. And as always i am just figure head of madness and lions are the collective.

Herewith what i will post in each world ....

The old Silver & Redux Chalice of EN1 began 22.12.07 and by 07/05/13 merged with Pride EN1 to create the Lions .... the Guardians of the Chalice. Merged when worlds merged and mass exodus of players. Broke records (as order) with biggest orders, first completed castle yet remain games longest serving master of a order. The longest ban from the sb *sighs*. Facing a merged world I fell from number one in level in EN1 to be out of top 100 on merger. Now ranked number 6 and lions broke records by millions leading the gold hauled despite rare fighting. 3 members in the top 6 in level and Eduman soon to break into the top 10.
Lucky number 13 .... yes we need 13 good active xtians to join the lions and regain lead as the largest active order across all worlds .... ranked 3rd. Once largest active order again lions will declare more regular ... orders and cities. A true brother / sisterhood where be u u prem or not we look after u just like timing of declarations and how often .... I am no Julius Caesar just the old druid that flies the xtian flag and balance the needs of every member. I never have and never will have declarations for one man. If solo or in redundant orders with desire for active order contact me Master Merlin.
Simple rules here if u must merc always password and never merc against same faith. Mistakes can be made but 3 strikes lose the lion badge. A badge of pride.
In summary the longest xtian order is recruiting with the games longest serving Master that has won more gold by millions more than any other order and 3 of the entire games highest players .... join the legend and the famous mad druid.
MM 8)