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  • "[xx]Panoramix" started this thread

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04.05.2014, 22:32

Unofficial Holy-War INTRO ! ! ! !


As some people know i do sometimes strange things on HW and for HW
My first project was holyzone , but i give up and i stop do updates.
Than i start to do a TOP100 Rating but GAS block hole in code and i cant do it anymore. :)

This time i think i go too far :)
Try only test my new platform with i use to AE , PS , PR

I made my first intro for HW in Adobe After Effects

This is a link to watch on YT.

Please share to all your friends , lets show to GAS how to do advertisement of the game ! ! ! :)

add: I change link couse not working

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05.05.2014, 00:47

its a good little video :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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05.05.2014, 08:06

Nice job ,this is what they need ! :thumbup:
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05.05.2014, 14:19

I like that :)

  • "[xx]Panoramix" started this thread

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05.05.2014, 23:30

just add GAMEPLEY of the holy-war with intro design,
so i think look not bad

Its only 30sek for test ,
need to work on it and make max 3min

let me know what U think :)




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06.05.2014, 13:15

a little dark, hard to see once you get into the gameplay, but like it.
Just here to spread hate and discontent

OK, moving on now...