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15.06.2012, 18:07

New Live Action Role Play Opportunies

Some friends and I have gotten together to do some role playing outside in the park on Saturdays.
Looking for other people to join in as well as help us work this out so that we can connect via the web using cameras and skype like abilities.

We put on short pants and striped shirts (either red or green) and team up as per colors. We have headband mounted cameras hooked to laptops which we carry around in backpacks and connected via a public wifi hotspot.
We act like we are little kids from the 60's/70's era running around on the playground playing hopscotch, leapfrog, hula hoops, hide n seek, kick the can, mother may I etc etc, swinging on the swings and just all around good clean fun.

Our problem is the ability to see each other via the web link that we have. Others not playing can watch the video feed from our headband cameras on their laptops, but those of us playing can't. We've looked into some of the new "Google glasses" but they just are readily available yet.

So if you're a techy that has an idea, or want to come to the local park and join in, come along, we'd LOVE to have you!! :love: 8)
Just here to spread hate and discontent

OK, moving on now...

Traffic Gnome


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06.12.2013, 18:21

Don't be fooled by the above message :cursing: :cursing:

I went along to join in the good, clean, happy fun only to find two fat, sweaty, middle-aged men sitting in the park in their y-fronts (one in red and one in green) and drinking Stella 8| 8| 8|

So I joined their group.... it's ACE!! :thumbup: :thumbup: ... but we don't play any games X(



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06.12.2013, 19:07

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! comes to mind :P lol

go pros with ipads and iphones?

and where is this photage? :love:
aka freya 8o