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11.07.2013, 18:52

The NEW SPAM seeks active members!

Yes, SPAM has kicked it's doors open. the castle has been steam cleaned and readied for new blood.
Portraits of some of the old and glorious knights are hanging on the walls and New Knights are flocking to the castle gates to sign up and carry on the tradition of SPAM.
Are you a strong and brave Knight? Are you looking for a home where your skills are respected? Do you seek shelter where your problems are ours also?
Where we all stand together, fight together and party together? Come to SPAM. You will be welcome here. It is time to ROCK INT1.
SoG and the crew look forward to seeing you :thumbup:


22.07.2013, 18:21

Looking to merge orders as well!

There are many small, and/or mostly dead orders in INT1. If you have active member and are looking to kick it up a notch. Talk to SPAM. We have the room and we have no problem with being an international order. Let's put some punch back in the Christian presence in International 1. :thumbsup: