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03.07.2012, 10:37

Regulations for multiple accounts in merged worlds

World groups aren't single, separate worlds, rather an amalgamation of the original worlds. Since the original worlds will be preserved as they are, so too will of course the existing accounts. The rule that every player may play only one account per world is therefore still valid, and no-one will be forced to delete an account because of the merge.

So that players with multiple accounts can't gain an unfair advantage, the following rules shall be put in place for players with several accounts in merged worlds:

- two accounts owned by the same player are not allowed to fight each other, neither in Attack, nor in Arena single fights.
- accounts cannot trade with each other
- players who are Order Master in several worlds may not attack another of their Orders in the other world
- players who are Team Leader in several worlds may not attack another of their Teams in the other world
- Order Masters are not allowed to hire their own accounts as mercenaries

We reserve the right to sanction any further exploits of the game rules at our discretion.

If you have any questions, we are of course available at any time.

Best wishes,
Your Support Team

Captain ApeX

GameArt Support DE

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13.05.2013, 10:44

The following new rule was included:


The opening of the world borders made indeed a further clarification of the current rules necessary. So here is a more precise version of the rule, that an order needs 5 accounts to declare wars:

From now on the accounts of an order must be played from five different internet connections (IPs) to declare wars on other orders.

You are still allowed to join the same order as your other household members and you can even have multiple accounts from different worlds in the same order. You just have to have enough other members using a different internet connection in your order to declare wars.


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