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Bullit Time!


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23.08.2012, 10:02

Captain Ape...? ;)
How old are you, twelve? The whole situation can't be that terrible for you if you still find the time to joke about it. Not only are you intentionally attempting to provoke someone not responsible for whatever problem you have, you are doing it to the guy you actually want to help fixing the issue. Good job, Jack. Hope the little joke made you giggle real hard because if not it was a waste of everybody's life time.

Captain ApeX

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23.08.2012, 10:13

I believe the thread is finished now. What had to be said has been said. We are aware of the issue, and an explanation has been given. For now, we will have to deal with how it is.

The thread is locked, since all it does now is bordering on flame war. Complaints regarding the lock can be send to me via PM.


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