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Friday, November 16th 2007, 5:31pm

Divide and Conquer

I noticed an order battle about to take place between some pagan infidels and christian infidels. I believe I might participate on the side of the pagans for the experience and to take the christians down a few pegs. Perhaps some of you would like to join? Especially the as of yet unaffiliated?

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Saturday, November 17th 2007, 6:58pm

Greetings and Salutations

I hope that the day meets you well. I would like to present to you all
a status report on our Order. We know that everyone is very interested
in the life and action of the Order, and we are more than willing to
let everyone know what we're up to. Once again this is Our Order as all
Saracens. Through unity we gain an insurmountable power.

Our order is expanding faster than every other Order, save one or two.
Our members are donating daily towards increasing our numbers. Let me
explain how the Order itself levels up. A level is set with a monetary
value, 1000, 2000, 4000, etc. Each member of the order may only donate
(10 x his level) each day. As you can see, this limits the amount of
gold we can receive each day. Let me *censored*ure you that our members
are donating the maximum amount as soon as we can.

We have seen that several Christian Order have started "Junior" orders
for lower levels. This is a wonderful idea, but they have shown a
tragic flaw. The Orders they have started have no chance to stand up in
a Battle. The way an Order Battle takes place is thus: Volunteer
fighters take the field first, Mercenary fighters follow, and then the
Order members take the field. Were any established Order to challenge
these "Junior" orders, they will fall and their gold stock will be
taken. Their strongest fighters (the Senior Order that started them)
will be mowed down by the volunteer fighters, and when it is time for
the actual members of the Junior order fight, they will have to stare
characters with exponentially higher levels in the eye. When they lose
their gold, they lose the ability to both hire Mercs and level up their
Order. Everyone can see that this is a poor idea.

The OCM is not nearly so prideful or unintelligent. We are planning on
starting a Junior order, but we have a totally different idea. To
protect our Junior order we will perform several steps. One, we will
raise the level of the OCM and the stats of each member until we know
that we can insure the safety of our Junior order.

Second, we will send several of our strong members over to the Junior
Order. When the Order members take the field of battle, the Junior
members will have a few Generals to ensure safety of the Order. This
will allow our Junior Order to both gain XP, Gold, and have a true
fighting chance. We would be neither so baleful nor so hasty to send
our Junior order into the fray with no hope of victory.

Finally, we as Your Council, pose a solemn and serious request. In this
time of tumult in World 1, many people are making hasty decisions that
lead into folly and destruction. Please have patience with us, as we
make decisions. During times of rapid activity, a well thought out and
intelligent deliberation might seem slow, but the affects of planning
are obvious when looked at.

In closing, we as Your Council, present to you this promise. Within
five days from today, we will increase the Order by 10 members. If at
that time, we deem it possible to support and protect both a Senior and
Junior Order, a Junior Order will be started. As always we are open to
suggestion and comments. We deliberate each topic brought to us,
sometimes for literal hours. No word goes unheard and no deed goes
without compensation. Until then, may Allah bless our comings and

Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raaji'oon. (to Allah we belong and to Him is our return)


Sunday, November 18th 2007, 2:54pm

In the name of Allah...

Al salamo alaykum wa rahmato Allah wa barakato,

Dear brothers, when I first registered for this game (which is few hours ago actually) I wasn't feeling much confortable playing a game that involved any religious aspects by any means, especially when more than one religion is involved. But after a while, and after exploring your threads and reading about what you were planning to do, and which is being done now adays, I asked myself the question, "why not???"... why not express ourselves and unite all together and form one big major force, and rule the world! which is typically what we're all unofrtunately unable to do in our real lives...

I'm a Tribal Wars addict if you ever heard of the game, but from this moment on I announce that I'll give all that I have of time and effort here, and to that specific order (the sacred order). I'm doing this not for the Order, not for the Game, not for anyone or anything but for the name of Allah sobhanaho wa taala...

Wal salamo alaykum wa rahmat Allah wa Barakato...

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Saturday, November 24th 2007, 5:07am

On that note...

The Order of the Crescent Moon has expanded.

The Corpse Brigade, OCM's first subisidary/sister order has been made.

Any applicants still waiting for the OCM are welcome to apply for the Corpse Brigade as well. We're still trying to expand right now but by tommorrow we'll have space open for five new members. Come on get these spaces while they're hot!

I will soar


Saturday, November 24th 2007, 3:37pm

may i join

i started yesterday, and im still level 1 but i understand how the game works, and ive played many games like this before.


Wednesday, February 13th 2008, 3:32am

I have atlast reached level 6 and I am willing to sacrifice time, money, and my life if I can join this order. Please recruit me and you will never regret it.



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Monday, March 3rd 2008, 2:56pm

I am level 9 and in search of an Order. May I join?


Saturday, March 15th 2008, 11:53pm

I would like to join. I'm new but my stats are getting better and I need some advice. I will donate gold and will be more then happy to kill whoever we decide. The Saracens need people in their orders so let me be of help or tell me what you need from me.