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Friday, October 15th 2010, 5:00am

The Best of Barbie Girl

Many months ago on W8- a fashion icon that predates snooki shook up that world. I have recorded some of her more famous antics. Below is her profile:

Barbie's Pet Names for Friends and Foes

Crazy Train = Kevin the Insane
Dead Man = Jerry Garcia
Cylon = Cyrus Special note on Cyrus- When he asks you to do something, Do it and say "By your Command" He loves that!
Puners = Golden Wing and Strpuners
Mr Chum or Sharkie = Shark Bait
Burger King = King of Pain
Endo = I'm going to try and spell that
Wild Fatman = Wild Axeman
Mr Foxy = BrianFoxy
Arch-Enemy = The Crow
69 = Anarchy69
Mr Skinny = FatRobin
Liberace = Crusher

Barbie Girl's Fashion Tip of the Week for nerdy boys and hopeless girls-

ReCap Edition!

Boys- don't use the smell test to pick out your clothes. Wash and fold and put up your clothes to be organized and look good.

Girls- it is your job every day to look great! No sweats or hair in the hat- Remember- Beauty takes work!

Boys- Don’t be a Cologne Monster! Don’t use cologne to masks odors or smelly clothes. Smell nice- but don’t stink out the entire office building! Less is better with cologne!

Girls- When you get married or shack up- Don’t say goodbye to your hair and say hello to the refrigerator. 80% of women have admitted to letting themselves go! Don’t be another statistic but be a trendsetter for beauty and looking fabulous!

Boys- When you have the honor of taking out a princess, your chariot better look top notch. Don’t have the car full of Burger King wrappers and traffic tickets. Your car must look great both inside and out. Mercedes is my preferred datemobile.

Girls- If you are asking your man-“Do I look fat in this dress?” Well- you probably do! Don’t put your man in a no win situation- instead fix the problem. Hit the gym, diet, and you will be looking fabulous in no time soon!

Who's looking good today? Answer Barbie!
Who's looking good in every way? Answer Barbie!
No style rookie-Very True!
You better watch don't mess with me! Dont mess with my hair, nails and clothes :-)

Barbie Mantra-my devotion to fashion is only surpassed by my desire to beat you on the battlefield.

Shatterd Mantra- never let the facts get in the way of your opinion.

I am not a Meanie!

BFF-Endo! Endo---has disappeared :-(

Bad Things about The_Crow (Barbie's Arch-Enemy)

Does not replace the toilet paper after the final sheet is used.
Has been known to use toothpaste from the middle of the tube instead of the end.
Leaves the toilet seat up all the time.
Failed to recycle 11 aluminum cans and five water bottles last year.
Supports tax and spend politicans.
Failed to tip his waiter/waitresses on numerous occasions during outings.
Has been known to skip using the deodorant for a day or two.
Has been seen leaving the bathroom without washing his hands.
Supports universal health care no matter what the cost.



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Friday, October 15th 2010, 6:06pm

Many months ago on W8

*superman soundtrack is heard and letters going upwards vanishing in the universe*

tatarata-tataratatata 8|
Instead of proposing a penalty, Socrates instead proposes a reward for himself: as benefactor to Athens, he should be given free meals in the Prytaneum, one of the important buildings which housed members of the Council.

And that's why tixxers should pay my premium.

Bigger Phil



Tuesday, February 1st 2011, 5:57am

Puners/Golden Wing -12 Tasks of Repentance

Puners committed a great sin on W8. Barbie Girl tried to help him out. Below are the tasks and the aftermath.

1. Eat bread and water for one day
2. Do a good deed for a Pagan order fighting a Saracen Order
3. Do a good deed for a Saracen order fighting a Pagan Order.
4. Go see Julie and Julia and write a movie review and post it on your profile.
5. Study the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and explain lessons learned to all W8 OMs and ACs. How they lessons can be applied currently to W8.
6. Have a clown avatar for a week.
7. Essay on the importance of fashion in the modern society.
8. Read a chapter from Proverbs every day for a month.
9. Defeat The_Crow in single combat.
10. Keep all your promises for 6 months
11. Post a letter apology on the forum.
12. Pay off any debts!

You have 60 days to complete these tasks(except for #10) -August 15, 2009

Result- Puners Sold his account. Failure! August 27, 2009

and Puners thought these tasks were weird! Some People!

Bigger Phil



Tuesday, February 1st 2011, 6:48am

Barb's First Victory in W8*

Dear Friends:

Thank you for your support in BARB’s battle against the mighty Saracens of Honour. SOH was a tough foe who was supported by my personal arch enemy- The_Crow and his flock of cronies. The reason for our victory was two-fold: #1. Great Volunteers- special thanks goes out to KT minus Puners (Special punertive measures are being discussed currently against Mr Puners) and big hitters from GOD. #2. We were able to establish and maintain air supremacy early in the battle. Note- Read that in a book once, thought it would fit in here nicely. #3. Last but not least, all the Mercs with really big muscles! Again, thank you to everyone who supported BARB. But enough of my endless bantering, it’s what you been waiting for----drum roll

*The Barbie Battle Awards*

Most victories - The Pink Barbie Combat Helmet-Goes to Anabol

Most hitpoints - The Barbie Achievement Medal (BAM)-Goes to SirSmiley

Most experience points- The Barbie Diploma of Wisdom- Goes to Dwyer

Thank you again and have Fashiontastic Day!


*This was written before the 12 Tasks of Puners

Bigger Phil



Tuesday, February 1st 2011, 6:55am

Crime just doesn’t pay!

This was the second Battle for BARB and her victory letter. After this battle, Underground quit W8 in dusgust.

BARB thanks all of you for your support in our recent battle against Baby MOB. BARB leadership saw an opportunity to strike a blow at the lesser member of the crime syndicate-only through your support and friendship were we able to defeat such a strong foe. Enough of my pointless musings- we know what you are waiting for------

The Barbie Battle Awards!

Most victories - The Pink Barbie Combat Helmet-Goes to BestffII

Most hitpoints - The Barbie Achievement Medal (BAM)-Goes to SirSmiley

Most experience points- The Barbie Diploma of Wisdom- Goes to foulques v II

Thank you again and have Fashiontastic Day!


Bigger Phil



Thursday, January 5th 2012, 3:06pm

I recently talked to Barbie and she gave me this fashion advice. It was primarily for the ladies.

Dear Sisters,

Once you have become a fashionista and have built up wardrobe~ you have probably captured a man by this time. Once co-habitation has occurred, there are two rules to live by:

1. What is his is yours and what is yours is yours. You just doubled your wardrobe!

2. Never let your man do the laundry! It may seem unfair, but your man will most likely be incompetent with the laundry. From sorting, to washing to even folding- disaster can strike. The only things you can allow your man to do are: Take stuff to cleaners and pick stuff up from the cleaners, carry baskets of laundry. You may allow your man to help put up the clothes but you better double check.

It takes a lot of work to look fabulous~ doing these tips will stack the odds in your favor!

Thank you again and have Fashiontastic Day!