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Friday, January 8th 2010, 3:19am

Arabian Knights of Babylon

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Member Guidelines~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
§ Be respectful of all players, no matter faith or past history. There is no room for drama here.
§ No tixxing for gold and it is required to show for ally battles.
§ No attacking allies unless they consent for XP (see the order board for permissions).
§ Please donate max gold as often as possible for order growth. We share cows so we can all grow into the strongest order in all of w9.
§ We do not declare on Saracen orders.
§ Premium is NOT required, but can make things much easier.
§ Camping is acceptable as long as you are an active participant in our order.
§ Role-playing is encouraged, but not required. This game is a lot less boring with something to entertain our minds.
§ Are you a mercenary by trade? Come and join us while you merc. We encourage you not to merc against our allies, but business is business.


Tuesday, January 12th 2010, 11:20pm

Is any one there ?(



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Thursday, November 11th 2010, 7:55pm

Hello, fellow HW players. This is Sinbad, founder and long-time OM of Arabs.

Do you ever get the feeling that no one is listening? That, try all you might, your views go unnoticed? Are you the type of player longing to make a difference in your HW community? Then you should join us in w9. Whether you take over an old account, or begin anew, Arabs values all its members and will treat you will respect. We offer all the tools to make you a successful player. We provide you with a list of players known for paying out gold. I have created a tool for calculating the value of your elixirs stock, so you know exactly how many to sell to get the gold you need. We also have a tool to calculate the cost of purchasing multiple stats at a time, so you know exactly how much gold you need to boost your stats.

Arabs will accept any player that shows the interest to making HW a fun game for all, and competitive spirit because, let's face it, being Saracen is a challenge every day and is not for the feint of heart. You must be brave and Arabs will be the shield to guide you to a path of glory and riches, unachievable on your own.
w2=Caradoc [Pagan] w5=Lord Kerak [TUA] w8=Little Sin [SOULS] w9=Sinbad [Arabs] w10=Caradoc [CLUB] w11=Nevyn [OTIS] w12=Sinbad [FAT] INT1=Caradoc [HPC]

HW:?: 2 words.... X P