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Tuesday, December 8th 2009, 12:42am


Rising from the ashes of SOD, like a phoenix .... is MAUL and they are bringing battles back to W6.

Declarations will be sudden, swift and without discrimination (unless I am bribed).

Due to a twist in the HW rules, I have been allowed to circumvent the 12 hour wait for battles. All battles may be as close as 1 hour after declaration .. so BEWARE.

I am accepting applications. I can promise you MAYHEM.
Grizz W5

Kane W6 (Sold when Tixx was still a form of currency)


Wednesday, December 9th 2009, 8:13pm

I hear the members of Maul are among the best looking in all of HW
(now over 35 accounts deleted from level 112 - 89 - 15) want to sell for deletion? talk to me ;)


Monday, December 21st 2009, 9:41pm

It is true ... but we also let EROS join. He's the court jester.
Grizz W5

Kane W6 (Sold when Tixx was still a form of currency)

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Monday, December 28th 2009, 1:02pm

i joind tis order bt dey suckd d Gold outta me.. ;( ;( so i ad ta leav tis order.. :(
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