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Thursday, March 19th 2009, 5:36pm

Market assistant and new market prices

The introduction of the new market leads to a few significant changes, amongst others the change in price span:

If you buy an item from the blacksmith then you can sell it on the market between 60-110 % of blacksmith price.

When you sell an item on the market then that item will have a reduced price for the rest of its life. For example when you sell an item for the first time it can be sold for 60% to 110% of the Blacksmith's price. When you sell that item again, then you will only be able to sell it for 80% to 110% of the price that you bought it for. The item decreases in value when it has already been sold on the market. These limits of 60% to 110% cannot not exceed the shop price. This is with the exception of elixirs. Elixirs can only be traded in the market at the price 88% to 98% of the Blacksmith`s price.

Premium players may also use a socalled market assistant.

You can make use of the market assistant on the elixir stall. There you can define how many elixirs you want to buy and how much you want to spend. The market assistant will buy for you as many elixirs he can get. He starts with the cheapest. If you choose "all" he will start with the cheapest in the highest category. If nothing is left he will switch to the second highest category starting with the cheapest and so on.

Question: Why can't I see my own offers in elixirs?

For usability they are shown only if you choose: My offers



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Wednesday, July 1st 2009, 12:02pm

An example of the Market Prices.

Lets say that Player A bought the Bonebreaker for110000 from the Blacksmith.

Player A wants to sell this item on the market. He can sell this item between 60% - 110% that is 66000 gold and 121000 gold. Player A puts this item on the market for 121,000 gold that is 110% of the original price.

Player B buys this item on the Market. When he goes to sell it, he can only sell it for 80% -110% of the price that he bought he for. 80% of 121,000 is 96800 and 110% is 133100. Player B sells this item for 96800.

Player C buys this item for 96800 from player B. He can sell this item for 80%-110% of the price he bought it for. This is 77440 gold to 106480 gold. Player C sells this item for 77440.

Player D buys this item for 77440. When he wants to sell this item for 80% of the price he bought it for, he encounters problems. 80% of 77440 is 61952. This figure is less than 60% of the original Blacksmith price, 66000. Therefore Player D will be forced to sell this item for 6600 - 85184

These limits of 60% to 110% cannot not exceed the shop price
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