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Wednesday, January 21st 2009, 6:01pm

Recruiting for [CotN]Children of the Night

welcome we are looking for Christian active players in world 6 and also in need of an Army Commander please message me here or in W6 pm Xavior Blackraven that is my name there

this is a mercenary order

must be active at least 4 days out the week you are here.
we are looking for veteran players but new players are very welcome as well we will help show you how to play.
must donate max amount witch is 10x you level wee need this gold to grow larger and fit more players that wish to join
try to keep stats at least twice your lvl(this is varied to how you train some players prefure to focus on a particular stat then others)

please be kind to other players
fallow the ShoutBox rules you get banned often you get booted
respect each other as well

we help out where we can if anyone need more info or has quesions pm me here on to Xavior Blackraven in World 6 for more info

stay safe and happy hunting

the end is near!!! :thumbsup: 8o :thumbsup:


Saturday, January 24th 2009, 1:19am

This order in W6 has disbanded and Xavior (his W6 personna) is now a proud member of The Ancient Council of Hunters [ACoH]. Come Join us we are activly recruiting :thumbup: