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Thursday, December 20th 2007, 2:29am

Author: Sir Harlan Yuill

Our Order the Great order

Our order is and foreever will be the Greatest order in all of the Holy Land, Victory to the Knights Hospitaller. Congratulations to our senior officers for admidbral leadership, for Honor and Glory through the Lord and the Sword.

Wednesday, November 14th 2007, 11:10pm

Author: Sir Harlan Yuill


My forum name is Sir Harlan Yuill and my in game name is Harlan Yuill.

Wednesday, November 14th 2007, 4:42am

Author: Sir Harlan Yuill

I wish to Join the Knights Hospitaller

I wish to join this order for i have a kinsman in The Knights Templar and a cousin in the Teutons. Search for me in the Mercenary page for my back ground information. I am a devoted Christian and fight in the Kingdom of Christ willingly. We shall destroy the non-believing. Yours Loyaly, Sir Harlan Yuill P.S I write this letter with the blood of my most unholy foes that i have disposed so many of i can't count.