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Sunday, January 2nd 2011, 3:10am

Author: Gatocaseiro


[mux] Murabis Order Formation Member Count 19.08.2010 22:23 7 Victories Defeats 3 2 Stored Gold Order Faith ??? Order Master Army commander [mux] hunterbob [mux] Rm1n Members Name Order Rank Level [mux] hunterbob lemonmux 26 [mux] Rm1n silentmux 21 [mux] Norman Doraemonmux 20 [mux] juno drunkmux 20 [mux] king kasra no subjectmux 20 [mux] Naufal negimux 19 [mux] Ferdindin new guymux 7 Order Description hermit warriors in a murabit with moucharaby ~~~~~~~~~~ murabit a fortified monastery, serving ...